The Suck

Sunday Jun 4 2017

Thanks for the great turn out for Axel yesterday; way to show your support and generosity.   
Best wishes to Craig and Ashley!
Have a great Sunday!
The Suck
10 rounds 
200m Row
25 Double Unders
100m Sprint
Note: sprint to the 100m mark then walk back to rower to begin next round. The walk should be approx 2 minutes and is meant to be a working rest so walk dammit. 
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Assault 15cals 4row, singles.
33:27. Sub 50 single unders for DU
The DUs just weren't happening today 😐
Done ✅ + 50ghds
Around 36 min ... including some du, lots of su, a few rope marks and changed Noah's 💩 pants once. 👊🏼
34:39. 50 ghd su 1:55.
Transported and used our own barbells ;) EMOM20: odd minutes - 8 front-rack lunges @ 135#, even minutes - 45 second plank hold on elbows / Every 2 minutes for 5 rounds - 10 strict press @ 115#, no fails, barbell taken from floor. 30 minute bike ride on the East River Trail.
Rediscovered my DU's. just had to slow the f@&k down.