Saturday Jun 3 2017

Please join us for our free community WOD at 8:15am.  Today all classes will be in honor of and collecting donations in memory of Axel John Hey who in his short life touched many lives forever.  Please consider helping a fellow CrossFitter who may not attend our box, but is certainly part of the CrossFit community we are all part of.  There are many gyms in the area doing the same today; let's be sure to represent CFGB!
Also, Craig and Ashley King are leaving us to start a new chapter in their lives down in Florida.  That calls for a going away party!
When: Saturday, June 3rd. 2pm-10pm
Where: 2717 East Shore Drive Green Bay, WI
There is parking across the street i
1) Every 2 min for 10 minutes 5 Back Squat, add load each round. 
2) Axel
3 rounds 
400m Run
27 Wallballs 25/16
27 Burpees
27 Kettlebell Swings 2/1.5 pood
*3) 50 GHD sit ups for time
Thumb img 3488

Ashley King964d

Hope to see everyone tomorrow afternoon!

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Had a great time coaching this AM! ❀️
^175 bs 23:18 Russian swing
27:47, 20# ev, 2 pood (2rds) 1.5 rd 3
Jaxon 200m run x2
18:39 RX. Such a fun workout for a good cause ❀️
BS ^175#
22:42 I think...10#wb & little kb
BS 85-155#. Chit chat lead to more weight than we planned...thanks Holly!!!!
Backsquat up to 235 pr for 5 😊 mu work
25:38, 14# WB, 26# KB
BS 75-145# with Katie!
Thurs @CrossfitAxis and today WOD @crossfitvibe
Great boxes out in cali! Today was a double partner metcon, 16 min each.
24:?? (Sub 35# push and strict press for WB)
21ish, 14# wb, 35# kb
Free WOD
BS to 205# x 5
21:21. 2 pood
About 26, 12#wb,26#kb. 105-155 bs.
22:15 American Swings
Subbed 500m row in for run because of my left heel. 9:15 class ran out of 2 pood kettlebells so I completed the EC from Tuesday while they did the WOD. *3.) from Tuesday complete in 18:55 with 100# dumbbells. HBBS - 135 WU,185 WU,225,245,265,285, 2@295, failed #3 backwards
22:30/bench 65-95
Bike.5mi/27 10# medball throw sit ups/27 knee push up/27 35# seated shoulder press
401# back squat, mixed plates, only 3 at 423#
24:48 way more brutal than I thought it would be. For Axel!
66 mile bike: 5 ish hrs
Aurora Bay to Bayshore. FYI - nicely organized & supported ride πŸ‘ Love ya Kings!! πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€
21:05, 20# ball, 1.5 pd
Back squat challenged
Axel Partner WOD w/ Buntin girls