Save Me

Friday Jun 2 2017

Two things, this Saturday we are hosting a benefit WOD for some of our friends at CrossFit Appleton. There is a donation box on the table and the more people we have participate and donate will give us a chance to earn the Rogue Sled they are giving away! The flyer is below explaining why we are doing this WOD. Tragedy will strike us all at some point in our lives and honestly there is no better community than the CrossFit community to help us through it. We will be doing the workout for all 3 classes Saturday scaled for the free class. 
Craig and Ashley King are leaving us to start a new chapter in their lives down in Florida. They are having a going away party and would love to see you all there to share a few beers and memories one last time before they leave. Details below:
When: Saturday, June 3rd. 2pm-10pm
Where: 2717 East Shore Drive Green Bay, WI
There is parking across the street if the lot is full.
I'm off to Fort McCoy for the weekend so you all have fun and take care of the gym while I'm gone!
See you all Monday!
1.) 15 minute AMRAP
25 Wall Squats
10 Back Extension
10 Free Standing Handstand Push-ups
note: you must first be able to do 10 tripod to headstand consistently prior to attempting FSHSPU. scale as needed
2.) Save Me
12 minute AMRAP
7 Power Snatch 115/85lb
7 Box Over 30/24"
200m Run
note: box overs are regional standard 2 hands and two feet may touch the top of box with both feet leaving the ground at the same time
*3.) Overhead Squat 
Rest as needed between sets
*4.) 25 Strict Ring Dips
2 minutes ME Banded Ring Dips
note: use band thick enough to be just short of an amusement ride feeling.
*5.) CrossFit HQ WOD 170602
Double Grace
For time:
135-lb. clean and jerk, 60 reps

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I was there
4+5 snatch, 95#
PS at 65# RX Everything else. 4 rounds for AMRAP (15# DB push press instead of tripods) Gymnastics afterwards! Biceps are TOAST
3+180meters #75 24"stepovers
5 + 60m @ 95#
5 rds. 75#
8+ hrs of much needed sleep
Glutes are hurting. Must mean I am finally squatting properly.
125 m shy of finishing 8th rd
Light bent over rows in place of snatches bc shoulder...only reason I got so far
5 rounds 55 meters oh squat to 225
Ohs for ec
Participation points for me 🙋🏽
4 plus 110m 55#
4rds and 20m.....95#
4 MU!! (gymnastics class)
Never got 4 muscle ups in a class before! Very exciting.
5 + 1 box over
6 + 4 box overs - 35# db snatch in left hand only
Right hand out of commission for quite a while
5 rounds plus 4 snatches 65#
Slow and steady today
4rds at 12:15...HPS 55#/step overs 24"/1:15 airdyne
Air squats/T2B/SP 35#
3+175m run
5 full rounds RX
Ohs^ 195# 100 Cal on Air Assault
.25 meters shy of 5 Rds
5rds 5/7 Power muscle snatches
OHS Extra Credit ^ 205 20# PR
6 rounds + 5 snatches
Rowed 250 meters in place of running so that my plantar fasciitis can heal. Using hands for box overs was weird yet fun! Got a triple for freestanding HSPU. No EC today because in-laws are visiting for the weekend.
Row 250 for run-thanks for the nixing my poor decision making Derek. EC-25 SRD + 1:00 amusement ride. PC+PJ+SJ. Recovery bike.
5+2 snatch
5 rounds RX
OHS ^ 205#, 100 Cals on AirAssault
Couple meters shy of 5 rounds RX
Yoga, 75 min
Savin' up. For tomorrow is a long bike ride, 60+ miles
5 + 100m run
6+14 (sameies Rach)
6+ 2 snatch
3 + 7 PS 45#