CrossFit Total

Saturday May 27 2017

Please join us for our free weekly community workout at 8:15am. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to come join us for an hour of fitnessing at its finest! Regular classes we will be doing the CrossFit Total. We will spend approximately 15 minutes warming those bodies of yours up and then we shall lift all the weight. Please read the link below on the history and how to go about completing the CrossFit Total.
Have a great Saturday!
1.) CrossFit Total
Establish 1RM 
Back Squat
Strict Press
*2.) Tabata 
GHD Sit-ups
*3.) 5-4-3-2-1
Push Press 185/135lb
Strict Muscle Up
*4.) 3 rounds
10 Reverse Hyper 
15 Hip Extension
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Angel Anderson995d

We should do this again on a day when more people can participate ;)

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Chris Ness995d

I say this all the time

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Grant Soletski994d

Ok everyone since Chris dislikes that we do workouts that he wants to do on weekends during the week I'll just close the gym on weekends. Then there will be no worries about missing a workout he wants to do.


Omar CruzRivera994d

So sensitive

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Grant Soletski994d

I just care about my members feelings.

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Angel Anderson994d

Don't be silly coach. I would just like to do this one at some point and can't always get in on Saturdays, especially in the summer. Just trying to be good at everything 😉🤘🏼

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Theresa Rosenquist995d

WHAT?!?! #oldschool & very cool

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Free wod with Rachel!
255# BS(5#)
Free wod, 125# BS (5# pr), 75# SP, DL 175# failed 195#
Matched SP PR.. should've added 1#'s.. oops! DL felt soooo heavy today
Free + 470# CF total
BS tied pr 175, SP 80# (5# pr), DL shy of pr 215#
275# BS (PR). 135# SP. 315# DL (PR).
PR in BS AND DL, Tabata
BS 170# DL 220#
Free WOD, 160# BS PR, 72# SP PR, failed 195# DL (got ^175#)
I second Ashley bourgeois... dead lifts were 💀💀 today
Free WOD
775 total bad day
BS 230 (5# PR) strict press 95, DL 250 (tried 255 and failed)
565# - 205# BS / 95# SP PR 💪🏼 / 265# DL PR 💪🏼
Jumped from 205 to 215, should have added 1# weights to get the PR then gone to 215 - lesson learned 👌🏼
Free Wod, 1075 Total
425 BS (10# PR) 145 SP 505 DL.
Workout at Somo
1.) EMOM10 - 10 cinder block thrusters for 100 total / 2.) WOD - Run a lap around the campground (Approximately 400 meters), 21 push-ups, 21 jumping lunges, 21 sit-ups, Run lap #2, 15,15,15, Run lap #3, 9,9,9, Run lap #4 / Mobility!
Free wod w/ Nasto
Accessory, barbell.
85Sp/115 bench PR/ 50 curl
36cal air/4 cal x 8 row/ 14x4 13x2 12x2 ab mat
CFG Reg #2 **
** scl'd w/ #35 DB & BA-RD & still nowhere close to TC. 8:34 Sheesh! PEC: 3×15{Sq/PU/GHSU/GH-HE/5 ST2B & MOB!!
420# back squat PR 175# strict press 525# deadlift PR