Ih Dee ought

Tuesday May 23 2017

Sometimes when there is cake left over from a birthday party or a some really good left overs from a few days back the food tastes even better the second time you eat it. This workout is just like that. 
Happy Tuesday. 
1.) Ih Dee ought
30 minute cap
Run 3 miles
100 cal AirAssault
2.) 15 minute EMOM 1 Clean & Jerk @ 75%
*3.) for time:
Overhead Single Arm Dumbbell Squat 80/50lb
Weighted Pull-up 50/35lb Dumbbell
*4.) not for time:
Bench Press 5-5-3-3-3, add load each round
10 Reverse Hyper after each set
*5.) CrossFit HQ WOD 170521
3 rounds for time of:
Row 250 meters
65/45lb. squat snatches, 12 reps
21 push-ups
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Justin Peterson999d

No. No it's not like that at all.

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Laura VanderKelen 999d

No it is not.

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Chris Ness999d

Too much of one thing isn't always a good thing.


james macco999d

But I hated that cake. I think we all did.


Bill Binsfeld999d

Can't eat cake- better skip this one.

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Ashley King999d

Oh man.....

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Brad Rush999d

This is just like bad left overs, I feel food poising coming on 🤢🤢


Kayla Duchateau999d

The more important question is....how do you have left over cake? I never not eat the whole cake.

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Chris Ness999d

Sometimes when A cook forces leftovers on people it's because they are too lazy to make a fresh meal.

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Amy Zynda999d

Well, I was going to run anyway.

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Hilary Krueger 999d

Grant did you even do it on May 11? I didn't and it's still annoying to me.

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Theresa Rosenquist999d

Seriously?!?!🤢 #Shouldn'thavelooked


Brett Kohout999d

(Entire box)
Lift 300# OH: Oohrah!!
Move only body weight from point A to B: Hard pass! #WorldEnds


Anne Hoffman999d

I have never been happier to be in BBClub

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Krystal Lowney999d

So I'm guessing I'm in the minority of people slightly bummed to miss this one?
Off topic---Do you know times for Murph on Monday yet?

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Grant Soletski999d

Yes you're one of the few:) thinking Murph will be 8-12

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Kelsey Waack998d

I'm with you - bummed that I couldn't make it today.

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Nate Hall999d

It was actually a nice morning for a run! Thanks Grant

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115 c&j ec #5. ~12min
100 cal on air assault, 4 rds of tempo 5 sec hold kb squats, ring rows, ring dips, and mb v ups.
29:40 run, 165# c&j
100 calories on assault bike. 4rds of 10 tempo kb squats w/ 5 sec pause, 10 ring dips, 10 ring rows, 10 medball v-ups. 100 clam shells.
Wasn't feeling too athletic today...still present doe
22:55 run. 63 cals
#115 c&j emom.
32 cals.. 3 mile: 25:10
Emom 75#. That rain was quite the motivator! ☔️
155# C&J
26:08 run, 30 cal
135# CL&J
60 cal 24:36 run
135# c&j oh db squat ec done with 35# and unweighted strict pull-ups
24:45 run, 40 cal
90# c&j
27 cals.. better than last time but still not a fan
C&J @ 140#
22:58 🏃 100 cals at 30:00 🚴Right at the buzzer! worked up 250 c&j
27:27 run
23:26. 78cal
185 c&j Crossfit HQ WOD
235 c&J
33 cal got in about 25:30ish
Did lots of ec
Bike for 40 minutes
1.5 run, 1.5 row
c&j at 175# last three moved up to 215#
24:40ish on run, worse, 43 Cals, same as last week
C&J 115-135#
26:19 run, 26 cals
85# for C&J... EC dumbbell squats and PU...row snatch and push up shit... worked on some butterfly pull-ups
26:46 + 25 cals ^85# C&J
didn't get wet, Nothing hurts, Wasn't exhausted, Best workout ever 😳
6?7 rds + 2 body ring rows
5/21/17 wod...10 ring rows for rope climb/85# PC
C&j 215#
25:12 run, 36 cal
115# C&J EMOM
35 cals (24:21 3 mile)
C&J ^ 205#
46 Cal Row; 3 mile run 23:02
C&J 195 with Jim
30:10 3ml run. 95# c&j
Olympic Weightlifting
Plantar fasciitis in my left heal prevents me from running until it heals :( Snatch triples @ 95,115,135,155,165,175, & 185# failed 3 times @ 195 / C&J triples @ 135,165,185,205,225, & 235#
5k row 19:23 100 cals
cj 125-135#
44 Cals: 6 mile bike (24:00) > PSn v ClJk (Shldr): #72. PEC: "abmountain" (N4T!)/WFSq
30:12 total time (93 cals at 30min)
AM: 22 min: 3-mile; 275# clean and push jerk 15-min EMOM PM: HQ row, Snatch, push-up wod -6:00; DB OHS/pull-up workout - 12 min
All in all today was a good day. Really soul clensing
Sorry forgot. Clean and jerked like an fing boss
26:20 run, 39 cals
155# cj emom
Ih dee ought? Lol at the crib this morning 29:32