Princess Vespa

Saturday May 20 2017

Please join us for our weekly community workout at 8:15am this morning. If you're new to the gym and would like to see what happens during regular classes stick around after the community workout. Hang out as long as you'd like.
Have a great Saturday!
1.) 15 minute AMRAP
10 Strict Toes to Bar
10 Tri-pod to Headstand
20m Handstand Walk
2.) Princess Vespa
50 cal AirAssault
7 rounds
10 Front Squat 115/85lb
8 Bar Facing Burpees
*3.) 5 rounds
20m Sled Push m-3x45lb/f-2x45lb
*4.) 50 Kettlebell Snatch for time 1.5/1 pood
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Free wod with cool people ;)
Free class fun
Started rx first 4 rds w/FS 5-5, then good coaching & dropped to 95# rds 5 thru 7 for FS 10 UB. Oddly the Air Assault was my favorite part of the wod.
Don't know how many rounds of the amrap
Nice twenty minutes.
Tweaked my neck doing headstands :(( had to modify to box step ups and squats
Free WOD
3rds of AMRAP
I moved like a sloth... I think tomorrow is rest day and mobility­čśé
3 minutes to accumulate 50 Assault cals / All front squats UB / 5 rounds complete for 1.) All HSWs UB / *4.) complete in 2:12 - 10RH,10LH,10RH,10LH,5RH,5LH / 3x3 2 pood kettlebell snatch with each hand for skill work / EMOM10 - 4 MUs all unbroken!
13:08 (95#)
1000m, alt 100m Free/Kickboard (#ALLtheArmsthisweek), 20 min.