15 Years

Thursday May 18 2017

Today I've been married 15 years to my beautiful wife Betsy. I must admit that I have not always been the best husband but I must also admit there is no finer partner to be by my side to put up with and still love me over these last 15 years. 3 wonderful kids, lived in 1 apartment , 1 duplex and two  different houses, 2 dogs and fish, a few different career changes, opening a gym and memories that I will always cherish. Thanks for sticking by my side Betsy. I love you, happy 15th and here's to 15 more. 
Happy Thursday. 
1.) 15 minute EMOM 1 Snatch @ 75%
Note: 75% max 
2.) 15 Years
15 minute AMRAP 
15 cal Row
15 Handstand Push-ups
15 cal AirAssault
15 Strict Rings Dips
note: the ring dips are meant to be completed in under 2 sets so use the lightest band posiible to make that happen 
*3.) for 5 minutes, do not rack
EMOM 5 Back Squat 225/155lb
Note: every minute complete the 5 Back Squat and then just wait around with the bar on your back until the next minute. Drop as soon as your last 5 is complete. 
*4.) 3 rounds
10 Reverse Hyper
10 Single Leg Dumbbell Deadlift, each leg 20 total
10 Supinated Grip Dumbbell bent over row

Bill Binsfeld1010d

Happy Anniversary!

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Kate Mantz1010d

Happy Anniversary you two! 💞


Omar CruzRivera1010d

Happy anniversary! Friend!

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Angel Anderson1010d

Happy Anniversary love birds!!! 💕

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Kelsey Waack1010d

Happy Anniversary!

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Laura VanderKelen 1010d

Happy anniversary Grant and Betsy!

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Jason Nobles1010d

Happy anniversary Soletski's!!

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Hilary Krueger 1010d

Being married is fun. Thanks for all the advice on what to do and not do Betsy ;) sometimes ty and grant are 2 peas in pod... 😒🙃

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Betsy Soletski1010d

It definitely has its ups and downs...I love having couple friends who share in both the ups and downs and encourage one other. Thanks for sharing in our journey!!

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Jill Schumacher1010d

Happy Anniversay!!💘

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Ross Van Enkevort1010d

Happy anniversary Grant and Betsy l!


rob smith1010d

happy anniversary guys! i appreciate you always welcoming me into your community.

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Brittany Nohr1010d

Happy anniversary you guys! 💞

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Ashley Bourgeois1010d

Happy Anniversary! May 18th is the perfect day to get married! We share an anniversary! You two have got a few years on us tho ;)


Jim Koehler1010d

Happy Anniversary!

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Chris Ness1009d

Happy Birthday

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Grant Soletski1009d

You're dumb but loveable.

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Christian Stueber1009d

Happy Anniversary Betsy & Grant! You as well Ashley.

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2+2 dips red band
Happy Anniversary
I did that workout
Happy Anniversary to two of the best people in my life!❤️
Steady moving through WOD. All UB HSPU. Snatches @115# Backsquatz done and painful. 10 min Emom: 1 PC+jerk and 5 strict pull-ups with Shane and Lauren.
I was there and did some working out
Snatch @ 70#. HSPU with 1 mat for about 20 then 2 for 10. Air assault bikes are evil!!!
2+11 hspu w ab mat then ab mat and plate
Snatches felt great at 105 then hspu weren't really happening 🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️
2 + 15 dips
170 for 15. 3 rounds 9 cal row
3 rounds + 15 cals bike
Snatches @ 55#; hand stand holds, green band dips
205 snatch
3 rds snatched with grant
Snatched with my buddy cole, did well for the most part and then 2 rounds plus 10 hspu
some scaflaws running around thought it'd be funny to say i had 2 no reps. i had 1 and that would have made 11. Thanks for all the nice words today. 4 ring dips and 5 ring dips rx rest with red band
2+ 6 hspu ab mats
60# snatch for emom. Snatches felt good today. Didn't wear socks.
2 rds and 6 hspu....0 and 1 abmat, purple band
125# and a couple 130# sn
2rd + 9cal row + deep loathing of Ass. Bikes
Throwing around 95# snatches felt pretty good
4 + 12 cal row
2 + 15cal row at the clock
3+10cal row. Red band dips
115#snatch/ 5rds 3bs with band at 175 and reverse hyper
2 rds (2ab mat hspu, blue band dips)
55# sn
3 Rds, 55#SP vs HSPU and 35#kbs vs ring dips
85#Snatch Happy Anniversary!
2 rds + 9 HSPUs
Red band dips. 65# snatch emom. Congrats Grant + Betsy ♥️
2 + 10 Cals, red band dips
Snatch @ 85#; really poor effort for the squats, don't wanna taco bout it
2 rounds plus 12 HSPU
80# for snatch... EC back squats...handstand walks, heavy snatch and some strict PUs
3 rds + 3 strict press 45# (lots of mods)
snatch emom 75#
3+8cal row 1 ab mat for hspu band on ring dips
135# X 15
65#sn. 2 rds +10 cal bike. Red bnd,hspu on box.
3 rounds + 4 Assault cals
Kipping HSPUs and ring dips oops... strict ring dips were not specified in class. Ring dips from high rings / All HSPUs UB. Snatch EMOM15 @ 165# no fails. Not throwing my head back improves my form. Thanks for the coaching cue Christian! / *3.) complete. Did not rack the barbell until five complete minutes past.
2+22 scaled
2 abmat, green band dips...thanks for the hspu tips! 115 snatch. 3 misses. 3-4 power. slow the eff down. gotta remember that.
Banded ring dips and handstand push ups from box
2+11 HSPU (strict & MU dips); 115 S
Congratulations on your marriage! God bless you both.
2 + 15/15 cal AirAssault RX
140# Snatch
3+9 cal bike (box hspu)
75# sn. Happy Anniversary
Happy 15 of Wedded Bliss! XO❤️XO!!
**2 Rnds +1 Cal -bike **scl'd w/ some HSPU/some elbow wiggles; BA-RD. Snatch @#65 in pursuit of perfection. EC: SuperSet BP/BS 5×5 (90/145) > RH & BOR (#75).
2 + 15 cal bike Rx (dips from high rings)
I'm not even a little sad that I didn't get back to the dips for a 3rd time.
Happy Anniversary You Two! Love ya both!
3 rounds + 6 strict HSPU (all HSPU and dips from high rings strict); 4 x 3 min max meter runs (all around 750m) with 45-s rest intervals
3 +11 hspu
4+47 almost 5 rounds strict hspu and dips
Went 205 for the emom then decided to do max in a minute for min 15 got 6