2017 Regional Event 2

Sunday May 14 2017

Anna got 11th in the Snatch and 5th in the Clean & Jerk making her number 9 in the nation among senior 58k women. I'm not sure if you realize how big this is but it's really an accomplishment. Anna is relentless in her training everyday and no matter what her passion she will succeed because of that relentlessness. Congrats again Anna. 
1.) 15 minute AMRAP
Row 150m
10 Hip Extension
Assaultbike 15 cal
10 Tri-pod to Headstand
2.) 2017 Regional Event 2
21-15-9 reps for time of:
Dumbbell snatches
Ring dips
Men use an 80-lb. dumbbell
Women use a 55-lb. dumbbell
Time cap: 6 minutes
3.) 7 minutes hollow rock/superman
note: everyone in class will participate in this. when these are not starred make sure your coaches get this done!

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Theresa Rosenquist1014d

Awesome Anna!! Congratulations!!!

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Jill Schumacher1014d

As her mom, I couldn't have said it better! Just to add, a judge from her session came up to her, and said she loved her smile and enthusiasm. Told her never to lose that!😁

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Anna Schumacher1014d

Thank you so much, Grant! And thank you for making the trip to come watch. It was so cool to look out into the crowd and see a team there to cheer just for me. I could hear you yell, "Let's go, Schumacher!" 😸 Thank you for all of your support!!!👊🏻

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72 reps @ cap; 50#
3rds amrap. Sad I missed all the squat ladders so did my own. 10rds - 5BS/5FS ever 2 mins. (125/135/145/155/165/175/185/dnf/dnf/dnf)
5/9 ring dips at cap
Blue band. 35# snatch
3 rounds plus 10 GM's/5:28
45# GM's, 30 second tri-pod holds, 30# snatches, green band dips, 14 Ab mat sit-ups every 30s/30s rest for 8 rounds
5:04 40# banded dips
4? Rds + 10 tri - hs
5:30 w 25# & red band. 3 rds +6 tripod to hs, starting with hip ext.
Traveled back to Green Bay from Milwaukee. Mother's Day lunch at Beverly Gardens. 30 minute bike ride on the East River trail.
8/15 ring dips on high rings
55# DB. Did it for the mu work.
4:32 w/85# DB and dips on high rings
80lb and dips on high rings