2017 Regional Event 1

Saturday May 13 2017

As of posting Anna went 2 for 3 in the Snatch. Successfully hitting 74 and 77k. 1 kilo PR and 6 kilo better than last year. Nice job Schumacher!
Please join us for our weekly free community workout at 8:15am. Great chance for anyone intimidated by CFGB to see we are a lot more fun than people like to say. We are a very intense fun but fun none the less.
Happy Saturday. 
1.) Every 2 minutes for 10 minutes 2 Overhead Squat. Add load each round
2.) 2017 Regional Event 1
For time, wearing a weight vest:
1,200-m run
Then, 12 rounds of:
  4 strict handstand push-ups
  8 chest-to-bar pull-ups
  12 squats
Men wear a 20-lb. vest
Women wear a 14-lb. vest
25 minute cap
*3.) 200m bumper plate carry 45/25lb
*4.) 50 perfect Back Extension
Note: if you're not sure what perfect is, ask. 

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Jill Schumacher921d

❤️CFGB! Thanks Grant and Betsy for being there to cheer on Team Anna!

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9+1pu at cap.. no vest, green band pu, 10# plate and ab mat kipping pu
75# ohs x2 (20# pr). I guess it's been a while since I tried an ohs pr! Haha
23:30. 14# vest. Pull ups and kipping HSPUs. Not feeling the OHS today. ^125#
Finished 3 hspu in the 7th or 8th round
No vest, kipping hspu with no abmat, 165 ohs squat double 5# pr for my 1rm
7 full rounds @ 25:00 mark
HSPU with 2 abmats, Kip PU, 800m run + 500m row, 155# OHS for new PR
Free WOD w/ Tom
I'm back and ridiculously sore...
235 ohs
90# OHS, free WOD
Did not do the rest of the 9:15 WOD😅
First day OHS since shoulder injury. Went well.
24:30 no vest
PUs, kipping HSPU. OHS double to 105# (5# PR)
110# ohs PR. 25:16 no xtr wt, HSPU on box. Pullups.
The Q training session at Xperience Fitness Hales Corner (2 rounds of heart rate spikes on Treadmill, TRX, Concept 2 rowing, and dumbbells)
Then Laura and I helped her sister move in Milwaukee.
23:43 (25#vest run)
185 OHS (5# PRx2)
Strength & Skill
20 min Spin, 3×15{pull/push/abs/back/squat/dip, shoulder holds, 5×5{BP/SQ-OHS/glutes/DB-SP (add # ea set)
22:04 ran with 20# vest but did the rest of the work out without… couldn't find a vast tight enough for hand stand push ups
155# OHS