Ih Dee ought

Thursday May 11 2017

3 weeks 100% Paleo. No bulletproof coffee, rice is allowed but in appropriate rations consistent with zone portions. No alcohol, no processed sugar, no processed grains, all the fruits, all the vegetables, all the nuts and seeds (no peanuts), all the lean meat and all the water. 3 weeks of writing everything you eat down in a journal no matter good or not so good. Must be in CFGB 17 of the 21 days. Workouts, mobility, yoga, barbell, etc... will count just need to be here. Exceptions will be made as long as you contact me prior. Posting on facebook does not count as contacting me by the way and will likely lead to your disqualification:) Need measurement from navel and 2" below navel. Tape is at the gym and we will be measuring all day Thursday and Friday. Winners will be based on journal, workouts, measurements, and 1 tie breaker workout if needed. Sign up online and pay at the gym. 20 bucks cash in an envelope is the payment method. Make sure you have your correct email written down so you are on "the almost daily words of some sort of wisdom from me" email list. Click the link below to get signed up:

Tonight there is no 6:15pm class so we can bring you all Joe Woldt from Aurora BayCare Sports Medicine this Thursday evening at 6:00pm as he gives a presentation on back/hip management for you CrossFit Green Bay athletes. 
Presentation to include:
-understanding common back and hip injuries 
-mobility to reduce injury risk
-pre-hab exercises 
-active demonstrations 
Open to all members of CFGB. 6:15pm class is cancelled but we will have a 7:15 class afterwards for presentation attendees. 
I expect to see this filled with all your smiling faces. 

1.) 15 minute AMRAP
20 Wall Squats
20 Walking Lunge
20 Hollow Rocks
20 Broad Jump
note: just keep moving.
2.) Ih Dee ought
30 minute cap
Run 3 miles
100 cal AirAssault 
3.) 21-15-9
Front Squat 95/65lb
Toes to Bar
4.) 5 rounds
10 Bent Over Row
7 Back Extension
note: if you're not sure about your back ext or the row just ask and we'll fix you right up!

james macco924d

Wait, no C&J's?! I feel cheated.

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Bruce Hoffort923d

Mayday Challenge accepted!

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Personal training session, mobility. I think I'd still be running...
Chris, thanks for not letting me die! 150# snatch beeaacchhhh
23:00 run. 57cal
29:55 for Run
5k row before class. Shoulder exercises after run plus 5 Rounds: 50 ab mat sit ups/ 5 chin ups and Double under ladder.
30:53 Run
3.25 Rounds
27:13 run 35 cals
Finished wod 40:46 thanks Ashley for running with me 😊
27ish minutes; 19 calories
yikes I felt slow
Super slow......
23:37 73 Cals
24:00? Or something/61cal
20 rope climbs for time-6:26
28:00 run
8.15 miles/231 calories on Airdyne
21 calories
I think like 3 rounds and some wall squats, did the FS/T2B not for time.
33:05, 3 rounds
Not my best, SI joint issues
6000 m row 30:00.
24:12/58 cals
Joe and Justin smoked me!
71 cals (23:17 run)
Might have gotten some cals if the 82 year old didn't stop and ask for directions to festival👵🏼
24:00 3 mile + 50 cal
4? Rounds
5k row + 1 mile air assault bike + 10 cal on air assault bike
No Air dyne at home, darn.
24:20 run (3.09 miles) 43 cals, legs are so dead 💀
Idk what I did that entire 15 min amrap...
27 run, 21 cals
21-15-9 front squats and GHDs
2miles + 55 cals at cap...finished at 47:11
only one airdyne so had breaks when Ryan biked his cals
29:27 (21:38 run)
100 cal AirAssault complete @ 29:59! 3.09 mile run complete in 22:40. Started work on the Assault bike @ 23:00
1.) 4 rounds + 20 wall squats / Rolled out legs after WOD and enjoyed a Kill Cliff with Laura, Grant, and Nasto :)
22:10. 77 cals.
Awesomely awful.
25:58/34 cal
5 rds + 5 WFS
22:11/61 cal
24:54 bike/38 cals
Wow! Assault was brutal afterwards. 6 miles (4 laps) on commuter bike. 3 Rounds + 20 WFSq. & Lots of rolling.
1 mi run/bike ride
Kept moving