Death by Stuff

Tuesday May 9 2017

Yo! So here is the scoop on the Mayday 2017 Challenge. 3 weeks strict paleo. We will do one 2017 regional workout as a tie breaker. We have had 4 different challenge winners thus far with a lot of the same people going after that monthly trophy! Last month Jordan Heider dominated and Kelsey Waack winning the month before. Throw your 20 bucks in the ring and let's see whose abs are better come Memorial Day, oh and maybe win some money too. Details and sign up on line, cash with name in envelope in the box. I just want you to all know I'm in this one to win it. I'll make sure Justin publishes my food journal as the standard for years to come:)
Have a great Tuesday!
1.) Split Jerk 3-3-3-3-3, Every 2 minutes from the blocks
note: use the blocks with a partner and if they are being used go from a rack either way I want 3 unbroken split jerks. Like jerk, re-rack falling into dip and right back to the split jerk and repeat 1 more time
2.) Death by Stuff
1 of each the first minute 2 of each the second, 3 of each in the third and so on up the ladder.
Start each minute with a 60yd Shuttle(5/10/15)
Deadlift 225/155lb
Chest to Bar Pull-ups
note: if you fail start over from 1 or wherever you deem a good starting point to restart at until 14 minutes expire
*3.) 20 Rope Climbs For Time
*4.) 3 rounds
15 Reverse Hyper
10 GH Raise

Brett Kohout942d

Barbell & Crossfit collision 👍🏻 Form everywhere rejoices

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Brittany Van Enkevort941d

Shouldn't your form be great regardless of crossfit or barbell 🤔

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Ashley King942d

Where is the link to sign up for challenge?


Tom Schmidt942d

does second place get paid????????

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Grant Soletski941d

Didn't you and I talk in person yesterday? Whatevs yes you get paid and I apologize for not seeking you out and getting you your check.

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Brad Rush941d

When does this challenge start?

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Grant Soletski941d


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Chris Ness941d

This Friday?


Omar CruzRivera941d

Last Friday? Can I start today?

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RaLinda Lamberies941d

Where are the rules posted? What is the scoring rubric?

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8's then everywhere lol. Same as Ashley K
Sj ^125#. Reverse hyper and gh raises 100 vups
Rx deadlift weight pull ups for c2b, spilt jerk 65-115 (2 @ 115), 100 sit ups, 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 wall balls and goblet squats
8dl/4pu, 185#
Up to 145 cycled jerk x3
^145# J triplez
7 DL/5 PU, back down to 3 a few times 135# DL, banded pu's.. split jerk 55#-95#
Slow negative pull up practice after--> I will get you one day pull ups!
Got through the 8's just in time. Went back down to 4. Got to 6. Then went back down to 3.
110# jerk. 1 mile run. 20 rope climbs
Through 9 deadlifts then 4-8 (141 reps)
*pull ups and 135# DL. Split jerks 75-115#
6DL/5PU #225
156#SJ from Blocks
9 DL @ 185# & 4 C2B
After failed rd back down to 3's & worked back up to complete 7's. Cycled SJ ^125#
Present. 175#
C2b attempts. 145 jerk triple. 125 cals on assault, 100 T2b from floor, reverse hyper gh raise ec
7DL- 3CB. Just moved after that
8 dl a few c2b back to 4 up to 6 back to 4. 205 sj. 20 rope climbs. Reverse hyper
12DL + 9C2B
^275 jerks
Up to 9, then 5-8
155#\ring rows. SJ to 85#, 100 sit up with 14# WB, shoulder stability program
14 DL + 12 c2b
305# jerk for two failed three; 7:45 rope climb
Thru rd of 8 @ 185#
165# jerks
Thru 7 and up and down
J ^ 105#
Carly beat me split jerking but my attitude was better. 8 + 6/9 C2B
To round 7. 125# and PU
95# for 3 jerks
8 dl's and 6 c2b then down and up the ladder
175# on split jerk. Ran 1.5 miles with Ashley, Caleesi, Carly and Chuck. Caleesi managed to suck her thumb while she ran. 🙄
Death by yesterday's stuff
Up to 135# cycled jerks
Death by rds: 1-6, 3-5, 3-5, DLs at 185# + E.C.: 15 rope climbs
Don't even know how to write a score for this
8 DL, 6 pu - then 4-8 (155#)
75-105# split jerk
5/7 PUs (mix of c2b and PUs) then 3s
145# Jerks
Rx through 4 rds
Then switched to PUs and just kept moving.
10 DL + 3 C2B rx, then went to 5s
Split jerk to 125#
Up to round 7, failed 8. Started with chest to bar but eventually just chin to bar
SJ up to 105#...EC 20 mins handstand walks and some tripod to head stands...then every 2 mins for 20, 25 DU and 1 snatch up to 100#
8/4-6/3-5 RX ^105# SJ
7rds (bs 85#/t2b)
sj ^105#
9DL 2 c2b rx
Sj 205# 1@225#
9 DL + 5 C2B
^235# jerk triple un-cycled
8 completed; up to 6 after
20 Rope climbs
6 out of 11 C2B, went back down to 5s and finished with 7s
Jerk triples - 95 WU,115 WU,135 WU,155WU,165,185,205,220,230# / 20 rope climbs in 8:38
Through the 10's
Power jerks to135. Ankle angry from yesterday
12 dl @ 145/sub ring rows
SJ 65-85 (Glad the shuttle runs were removed)
165 sj. Missed round 9 by one pull up
8 DL 1 c2b
205 split jerk
10+ 4 c2b
^125 Jerk
7s completed, 4-6, and 4-6 again rx
^125# jerks
215 sj x2 225 DL 7 rounds
Worked up to 215 and failed on third try. Made it to round 8 and failed DL 225#
8dls, 6c2b (135)
Regional Event 1 21:19
☠️Death by Math☠️
124 reps (I think), 5 of 7 PU > 4 of 7 PU > 6 of 6 PU ( two resets@4). #155)/4 @ C2B. PJk: #85×3.EC: ✔️
12 dl + 1 pu
Up to 265# cycled jerk triple
10s completed
I was there. DL 85#
SJ ^ 50#
165# for the jerks
12 full rounds +23
Worked up to 275 for 2 and failed the 3rd rep on the jerks Rope climbs 6:59 Gh raise & reverse hyper👍