Monday May 8 2017

I feel like this workout is going to not even really be a workout but at the same time so fun. For the handstand walks in the extra credit if able you should actually try. By able I mean that you are actively doing your best not dying. By dying I mean not constantly collapsing and/or randomly drop all of your weight on your head. If you fall into that category take it upon yourself to seek out a coach before you try it! Trust me that you will build a strong foundation of confidence so that when you do start doing legit hand stand walks they will dominate. Same goes for muscle ups, bar muscle ups, weightlifting of any sort. I know coaches are busy after classes, going from one class to another or onto their next task, so if you ever want additional help with no distractions, ask about our personal training. We have a few of our coaches that would be happy to help you accelerate your skills with a little bit more speed. Back to this workout: can something this fun even be called a workout? Apparently sometimes it can.
Have a great Monday!
1.) Every 2 minutes Clean & Jerk 5-3-3-1-1-1-1-1, add load each round and the 5-3-3 are not touch and go. don't do touch and go. seriously. 
2.) Sometimes
Overhead Squat 75/55lb
Double Unders
*3.) 12 minute AMRAP
20m Handstand Walk
10 Freestanding Handstand Push-ups
note: if you're not told that a coach thinks you're going to kill yourself practice trying to actually walk. Scale fshspu with tripod to headstand. (these are really good to learn how to do well) 
*4.) 100 Medball V-ups 20/14lb
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Ross Van Enkevort943d

Looking forward to 3:15 tomorrow🀘🏼

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C&j ^155#
Rx weight ub, du until cap (we will never get along πŸ™„) and singles. Clean and jerk up to 125# (5#pr)
10:03 SU 2:1
C&J 125#, 10# PR. Ugly.
205 c&j, missed 220 jerk
I didn't know you could get a Charlie horse in your ankle.
C&J Pr@190# super close missed jerk at 195
C&j ^ 155#. PR of 10#. 1 mile run. Handstand holds and walks with Antonia!!! And a muscle up! LOL
7:20- 95# Back Squats instead of OHS, RX DU
Back Squats instead of clean and jerks. 6x5 warm up sets to 70% (95-205). Then 8x5 (every 2 minutes) at 70% (225#). 5k row pre-wod. post wod- 5 Rounds: 3 strict pull ups/ 20 GHDs.
9:09. 45# + air assault 20/15/10/5
65/85/105/110/115/120/125/127# c&j 7# pr
C&J ^185#, 10#pr; 205# cleaned & then ran into a chin. OHS felt unstable and bar was tracking all over the place.
185# c&j. 13:06
C&j at 175 failed jerk at 185. V-up ec done
PR @ 185 C&J
Completed 4 salvageable DU's...
7:36 sub 75# FS... Ouch
192# C&J PR :)
First time lifting overhead in 2 months worked up to 115 CJ. Took a whipping on DU's
265# PR tie #285 fail 7:04 added 25 su to each round
just call me Trippy McTripperton on the workout; 305# clean + black out no jerk attempt... Rough morning lol
170# c&j
C&J up to 155#
CJ ^135#
Cleaned and jerked like shit and did ok on workout 10:40
UB ohs
C&J missed 195#
10:30, DU attempts for the 2:00, 1:30, etc. OHS @ 45#
C&J ^ 105#
9:00?? 35# and DU
115# c&j no pr but felt ok
C/J: 135-155-185-205-225-235-245(f)-255(f)
11:23. DUBS let me down
200# c&j. 5# PR!! πŸ‘ŠπŸΌπŸ’ͺ🏼
C&j 85 - 135 missed the jerk at 140 today
225 C&J with 3 red lights.
9:34 - DU & some SU (75 the first 2 Rounds)
C&J ^110#, cleans ^125#
CJ up to 120, 5# PR
125# clean fail on jerk
12:12 rx wt, du practice
135 c&j. 10Lb pr
c&j to 225#...failed at 235# PR try
10:25, mix of SU/DU, OHS 65#
C&J up to 155# ( 10lb PR! )
7:47 (push press 55#-35#, Assult cals and singles)
100# C&J ...15# PR
#45 overhead squats #120 clean and jerk
^165#/175 failure
8:52 almost Rx (capped first round of DUs)
155# c&j- another comeback PR 😁
10:19 55# double SUs
140# clean PR (no jerk)
155# C&J PR, 160# clean failed the jerk; 100 V-ups took a lot of time
9:51 RXish... gave myself 2 mins for DU, did all last 25
C&J 135.. 15 lb PR
9:10 RX - attempted DUs ^125# C&J
C&J PR πŸ’ͺ🏼
cj ^115#
135 to a failed 275# single
7:10 C&J up to 235
65-120 c&j, 125 cl missed jerk. 9:35 45# ohs.
Coughed up a nasty clotted blood loogie during DUs after two nosebleeds earlier in the day :P C&J - 135,165,185,205,225,235,245, fail @ 255 (just a triple extension) / *3.) 3 rounds. Got a few doubles for freestanding HSPUs. / *4.) complete in 5:34. 40,30,30
My shoulderssssss. Ugly CJ 170. Clean PR 180
C&j ^110
155 clean and jerk
225# c&j
C&J ^ 225#
8:33, rx weight, double su
^145# c&j
C&J 115-205 didn't get time @ 65#
Up to 165#
***SupahScld!! Goal: No pain, during or after. βœ”οΈ) #35 OHS to box/some DU. Cl&Jk: to #95 ( Rusty!!!)
C&J up to 155# then powerfully deadlifted 170# πŸ’ͺ
C&J: 5@225/3@245/3@265/Then singles finishing at 345#
265 CJ
8:46, 25#, SUs
C&J ^ 70#
215# clean, missed the jerk twice