Double Barrel

Saturday May 6 2017

Please join us for our weekly community WOD at 8:15am. Come for a great workout and feel free to stick around after to watch our regular class right after. Coaches are always around to answer any questions or maybe even get you signed up to become a member of CFGB!
Have a great Saturday. 
1.) Every 2 minutes 25 Double Unders + 1 Snatch
Note: Start at 50% of 1RM and add 10lb after each successful lift. 20 minute cap
2.) Double Barrel
16 minute AMRAP
With a Partner
5 Tires Flips (together)
15 cal AirAssault (each)
15 cal Row (each)
10 Cleans 225/155lb (alternating)
Note: one partner rows while other does bike and then switches before cleans. Please be mindful of one another flipping tires. 
*3.) For Time
7 minute cap
50 Strict Handstand Push-ups
Note: every time you break 15 GHD Sit-ups 
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Chris Ness1022d

Power Cleans?

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Grant Soletski1022d

Does it say power?

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127 Snatch pr
3rds @130 with Ashley E
Snatch PR 120#
Cleans at 145, then 135, then 125. 3rds + 1 tire flip 4 mile run
2 rds + 4 cleans w/J McFall; 135#
Snatch ^120#; 25#PR. DU improving. Also some further confirmation that remembering names is what I'm worst in the 🌎 at ☚ī¸ But faces though 👍đŸģ
215 PR not lifters
Free WOD + 30 minutes on the bike
55-100lb snatch. failed 110
Partner wod with Brett 2 rounds + 4 cleans at 105lb
WOD with Sabrina! Fun! Assault bike is evil
3+7 cals with Ashbags
315lb Clean PR!
Snatches to 110#, failed 120# PR twice
Cleans @ 135
Row, tire flips, Assault, 5 cleans @ 225# - solo - 2 rounds + 3 calories on the Assault bike
Snatch - 105,115,125,135,145,155,165, 175,185, failed 195 because my first pull felt weak. / *3.) complete in sets of 10,8,7,7,7,6,5. 105 strict GHD sit-ups.
Snatch ^ 130
Fun wod with Buntin. Run with the girls after. Barbell.
I think 3rds with Chris and Donn
200m w/up & c/d, 4R4T: 50m/15 Pushups (11:30), 10 min deep H2O run.