Going, Going, Gone

Saturday Apr 29 2017

Come one come all to CrossFit Green Bay's weekly community WOD (workout of the day for those of you that don't know). Great way to start your Saturday as well as a great way to begin your journey at CrossFit Green Bay. 
Want to wish Charlie and RaLinda well as they head down to Badger CrossFit to sling some kilos around. Crush it you two!
Have a great Saturday!
1.) Every 2 minutes for 10 minutes
5 Hang Snatch
5 Bent Over Row, Supinated Grip
note: add load each round and cycle is the name-o of the game-o
2.) Going, Going, Gone
In 10 minutes run 1 mile
In 5 minutes run 800m
Run 400m for time 
3.) not for time:
25/5, 20/4, 15/3, 10/2, 5/1
Hip Extension
Back Extension (smooth is fast and fast is smooth)
Muscle Up
4.) 100 Sledgehammer Swings
note: 50 each side
Thumb wodmother1

Theresa Rosenquist360d

🏋️‍♀️ 🏋️
Go Charlie! Go RaLinda!!

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Free workout with my aurora peeps :)
Snatch/row ^ 95#
8:00 mile, 3:50 800m, 1:44 400m
Up to 40# snatch
1:24 400m
Free WOD
+ Bellin training
Snatch and row up to 95# Backsquat pr at 260 🎉
Aurora Workout
Free WOD + 40ish min bike ride
7:25 mile, 3:30 800m, 1:28 400 (no PRs)
Snatch/bobr up to 80#
6:18 mile, 3:01 800m, 1:19 400m
Hang snatch + BOBR - 95,115,125,135,145 no misses / EC 2 rounds of strict (first time trying these and I love them!) GHD sit-ups & 40 meter HSW
🏊‍♀️ SwimWOD 🏊‍♀️
AFAP in 45 min: 1mi,150m #slowasMolasses