Qualifier Workout No. 3

Monday Apr 24 2017

Great weekend all around! Paula and Tom crushed their qualifier workouts and today is the final day of their online competition. Well done you two!
I will be placing the order tonight for the CrossFit Games Tickets. I see we have about 50 tickets needed and a lot of you want Festival + Coliseum tickets. The festival only tickets are $99 and the festival + coliseum range from $250-$500. Once again just to remind you all we can only get 8 total Festival + Coliseum tickets. If you have posted that you want tickets I need the money today in my hands. I will be keeping a few of the coliseum tickets and the people who posted that they want them will go into a raffle. Add 5% sales tax to the cost of the tickets please and make all checks out to Grant Soletski personally. Any questions I will be at the gym all day today.
Have a great Monday!
1.) Every 2 minutes for 10 Minutes 10 Unbroken Zero Pause Back Squat
2.) Qualifier Workout No. 3
21-15-9 reps for time of:
Shoulder-to-overheads, 135 lb. 
Chest-to-bar pull-ups
*3.) Tabata RIng Dips with Band
note: use a medium sized band
*4.) 1 Mile Partner Log Run
note: if the log is set down at any point both teammates must complete 12 burpees each
*5.) 25-20-15-10-5
GHD Sit-ups
Toes to Bar

Jake Plennes425d

Don't forget, Monday is the final day for shirt pre orders. $25 each or 2 for $40 (on pre order only).


Brett Kohout425d

What is the anticipated shirt pickup date for pre-orders, give or take?


Jake Plennes425d

2 weeks

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Angel Anderson425d

I placed an order but didn't get an email confirmation and I don't see a charge on my account yet, is there any way to see if it went through? :)


Jake Plennes425d

We'll find out and let you know.


Pam Bozec425d

Just want to confirm that if I don't get a collesium ticket, I still want a festival ticket

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Bs up to 120#, pull ups and push jerks at 55# all unbroken, took today slow and steady sore as all get out from Saturday
11:51, 115#
165# bs, I have a cupcake hangover
7:01 masters standards
BS 115-160
6:01 rx cause C2Bs are dumb
10:56 RX
BS ^145 Partner log run with Paul Mantz! Thanks buddyπŸ‘ŠπŸΌ DUs and handstand walking. Spent a little time on the assault bike.
5:57 65# pullups
BS ^100#. Sad Monday....
12:23 125#; C2B singles
BS ^155#; Sprint WOD: 3 explosive vertical jumps, 3 explosive horizontal jumps, 100m sprint, 2 minute rest - 5 rds
7:46 normal pull-ups
165 backsquat. 50 cal on assault bike 3:45 still not fast but faster than last time.
10 something
All C4'd up
Up to 165# BS
275# bs
5:35 w/ 40# DB and ring rows(shoulder), up to 140# BS
85#. BS ^145#
Log run with Derek,245 then a lack of 10's caused me to try 275 did do 5 UB though then racked. I then did the workout and my legs shook the entire time
workout was very similar to my day. see you tomorrow tuesday
8:16 115#
up to 190 bS
10:14, 65# PP, did a few pull-ups then switched to c2b with green band
BS 85-120#
9:23 RX, complete with chin music on rep #8. Ouch!
135 > 205 BS
8:13 65# banded CTB
110# BS
Back squat 65-105lb took it light post road march recovery
BS 235#
6:57 (55#, green band)
#105 BS #60 S2O green band for chest to bar
10ish w bands, 55#
Squats were rough. 80-125#
Back squats 105-145#
11:44 RX weight, chin to bar instead of chest
BS 115-155#...EC GHDs and knees to chest...EC mile with Toni
4:49 75#, pullups
bs ^85#
BS up to 185#
BS ^ 215
Didn't watch the clock mods for shoulder supinated bent over rows and chin ups. BS ^ 305
Log run with Ashley!
A lot of attempts and help but no masters level hspu today. Thanks everyone for your help and support.
5:22 (S2O - 21UB,10-5,9UB / C2B - 12-9,4-4-4-3,3-3-3)
HBBS - 135 WU,165 WU,175,185,205,215,225# / EMOM10 - strict ring dips on high rings. 6x7 - 4x6 / *5.) Complete in 10:00 / Bottoms Up Kettlebell shoulder press with 35# - 3x10 on each arm / 3x7 strict pull-ups
C2B did not go great. UB S2O. 100 95# lunges for squats. EC. 5.5 mile recovery run.
5:40 #65, c2b with band
Light BS up to # 110 had a bum knee today
185 for BS. 7:53
Did 95 for overhead and kipping pull ups
165 (65%) BS
10:46 Rx
7:56, 85#
^135# bs
8:55 (55# sp)
135# bs
^295# bs
πŸ€πŸ€Paula!! Go Tom!!πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š
BS: 65-105 WOD: 8:49** w/#30 DBs 😭😡. EC: Tabata RD (10->7->5->7).
4:56 Rx
BS up to 185#
I Participated...
260 back squat
8:47, 45#, black band
BS 85-105#
205#bs s2o were gross