Spring Thaw Throw Down

Saturday Apr 22 2017

Green Bay Barbell presents Spring Thaw Throw Down. Over 70 athletes will be competing in their respected classes in the Snatch and Clean & Jerk. Come out to Green Bay Strength and Conditioning and watch some of the best weightlifters in the state of Wisconsin throw some heavy weight around!

CrossFit Green Bay will be closed and back on Sunday morning for Masters Workout's 3 & 4.

Kick some butt tomorrow McFall, Binsfeld and Zeamer at Festivus at Titletown CrossFit!!

Have a Great Saturday!
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Angel Anderson427d

Workouts 2 & 3?

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Grant Soletski427d

Who wants tickets for the games. I only have the opportunity for 8 total festival + coliseum Packages so if you want those post it but your odds are slim. I will pick from a hat for those but I can get unlimited festival packages. If you want tickets post what you want and I will order them. I need your money by monday once I confirm you have your tickets. I will be placing the order tomorrow evening. Please don't leave questions here, look it up on the games site to know exactly what you are asking for. Post below with requests.


Anne Hoffman427d

Two festival passes for John and me ($99 each right?)

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Lauren Kalil427d

Just to confirm, 4 festival tickets please!

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Theresa Rosenquist426d

Most of us posted our requests on the FB post.

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12 mile road march 3hr 20 min with 40lb pack
Bike ride on the East River Trail with Laura!
👊Way to go GBBC!!! 👊