Online Qualifier Workout 1

Friday Apr 21 2017

I would like to give my heart felt condolences to Grace, Scott, Sam & Jackson  Adler as Grace lost her father today. I would also like to pass along another passing that many of us including myself did not know about until a few days ago, Larry Loomis's father passed away back in March after a short illness. I truly am sorry for your losses and to anyone else in the gym that lost someone close to them recently. 
Online Masters Qualifier starts today for Paula and Tom. Workout 1 will be today, Sunday will be 2 & 3 and Monday will be workout 4. Let's all push these two through these next couple days as it's going to be rough!
Gym is closed Saturday for the Green Bay Barbell Spring Thaw Throwdown. Please come out and see some of the best weightlifters the state has to offer!

1.) Masters Men & Women 55-59 Online Qualifier Workout 1
20 minute cap
For time:
100 dumbbell snatches, 35/20 lb. 
80-calorie row
60 burpees (bar facing)
40 muscle-ups
note: for class purposes rx will be 50/35lb dumbbell
pick one extra credit
*2.) Front Squat 3-3-2-2-1
note: add load each round. spend 10 minutes working up to 70% 1RM for your first set of 3
*3.) Snatch and Run
5 Rounds
1 Snatch
400m Run
note: record all loads
*4.) with the greatest concentration on moving like an angel:
3 rounds
10 Back Extension
10 Hip Extension
10 Reverse Hyper
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Kate Mantz1011d

Prayers and condolences to you and your families.

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That didn't go how I wanted. Finished burpees at 19:54
177# FS 2# pr
3 MU 😭❤️
19:20 @ end of burpees 20# db
FS up to 95# (failed 110#.. would've been a pr)
Back/hip ext EC
All the burpees. 25# db. 50 GHD unbroken, 30 back extensions,, 2 mile swim in 65 minutes
EC#4; 1.5 mile run
19 something for burpees
220 front squat 5 lb pr 🎉
Got thru burpees before the buzzer. Did not experience heart failure.
5 mu's front squats ec
fast snatches, faster row, not so fast burpees and really slow mu"s
through burpees at 19:15...couple MU attempts
Thru 22 bfb
Nice work Tom & Paula!
Finished the burpees didn't look at the time. Ring rows/dips. 140#snatch 175#fs
17:34 thru bfb + 6 mu progression
EC: snatch @55 and run
Finished burpees, 2 mu attempts, not enough rest from burpees. Those db snatches got the best of me
60/60 burpees RX
EC snatch and run- 55-100 (3lb PR but was really ugly) EC FS- 135-185
10 body rows/bar dips at cap
20# db snatch
17 something​ for burpees hips to rings n ring fips
Snatch n run 165# (10#PR)
11 burpees; 35# dumbbell
100 AMSU; 100 DU; 50 WB(14#); 50 hip ext
16 ish for burpee time, then muscle up prog/practice till cap
FS up to 315 then fail, snatch and run with Brian and Ted
16:51 at comp of burpees, no mu. Tons of 515 support. Thank you everyone at 515.
Used high parallette for BFB. Completed BFB @ 12:50 / Began MUs @ 13:45 / Finished the remaining 14 Mus after time expired / Snatch EC - 5 singles @ 95,115,135,155,,165,175 (1 fail) and 2 fails and a hit @185#
12:40 BFB
Tried to pace. Didn't attempt any mus. Worked on transitions, hips to rings and admiring Tina. HE/BE ex.
63 of 80 cals
35# sn/burpee over PVC parl./Row
50 bfb rx
Snatches & runnin
42 Burpees- Great job Paula & good luck Tom!
EC snatch & run with Brian & Paul 95#
👊GO Paula!!👊GO Tom!!!👊
17:11@end of Burpees. Did 7 BA-MUs. FS/BP Super sets: to #130/95 (Box Squats), Yoga too.