Thursday Apr 20 2017

This Saturday we will be closed down for regular workouts including our weekly community workout. Instead Green Bay Barbell will be hosting the Spring Thaw Throwdown with roughly 70 athletes competing. If you've never seen a weightlifting meet you should come out Saturday. Lifting begins at 9am and will run throughout the day.
Have a great Thursday!
1.) 10 minute AMRAP
10 cal Air Assault/Airdyne
10 GHD Sit-ups
10 Tri-pod -> Headstand
2.) Dirt
Row 500m
27 Back Squats 115/85lb
27 Deficit Handstand Push-ups 
27 Front Squats 115/85lb
500m Row
note: men use 45's and women use 25's with the head pad squares
*3.) Axle Clean & Jerk 1-1-1-1-1
note: heavy. 
*4.) 4 rounds
25 Hollow Rocks
25 Wall Facing Squats
note: goal is to have toes touching wall
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Personal training session and workout with the aurora boys
15-17 something, 1 ab mat
1 Abmat and 35# plates for deficit HSPU 65# for squats and 1 miles assault bike instead of row.
12:55 (I think)
65# 2 ab mats
14:28 or 15:28 πŸ€”
115# BS & FS, 11 non-deficit HSPU then remainder PP 115#
14:41 rx weight abmat for hspu
First time doing hspu since 17.4 and wrist doesn't hurt πŸ‘ŒπŸ» hollow rock and squat ec, ran 1.5 miles with Ashley P and Rachael, 5rm bs at 225, 2x5 @205 with Ashley E and Rachael. Thanks for the fun!
13:25 ish
85# BS/FS. Old man HSPUs
17:01 or something. 16 deficit with 25's then switched to regular. First time getting a any deficit. Strung two ring muscle ups together for first time
12:34 65#, 25# plate+abmat
1 hspu shy of 3 rounds on amrap
95# BS/FS, 35# PP instead of HSPU
did all my deficit HSPU, took a long time and in doubles but did them. those air assault bikes are evil
13 something
65#, attempted HSPU but ended up doing most from the box
10:41 last weeks wod
50-40-30-20-10 DL and DU
11:26, BS & FS @ 65#, PP @ 55#
Bike ride after
9:42 1-2 abmats strict..95#
12:39 (55# / 15#plate and abmat)
Almost 4 Rds of amrap
12:18 Rx weight, 85# push press vs HSPU
15:09 rx, fun time doing those deficit hspu
11:38 RX weight, normall HSPU
Should have done deficit HSPU... practiced after class and could have done them. Also worked on snatches... was going so well until I hit my head on the barπŸ™ˆ lol whoops!
12:03 75# 2 pads for HSPU
11:12 65# bs/fs, 45# strict press
3rds amrap (t2b for ghd's)
1.) 4 rounds + 3 Assault calories / *3.) Power clean & jerk focusing on keeping my stance narrow in the receive position. Axel bar + 25s (5 UB),35s (5 UB),45s (5x1),45s+10s (5x1),45s+15s 5x1)
Sups happy with deficit hspus. Fun workout. Squatsies after and more fun stuff. 1.5 mile run.
#65# 1 ab mat/#15 plate
Subbed deadlift for the deficit.
14:46 (45 plates/strict)
4 rds + 10 cal
16:40, normal hspu
Back lit up! Grinded it out!
many rounds of the AMRAP
Approached with caution.