Scuffed Knee Annie

Tuesday Apr 18 2017

I got a message on my voice mail from our very good friend Alex Peterson. For those of you that haven't had the opportunity to meet Alex hopefully someday you will. I will make sure to introduce you all next time he's in town. Alex told me he had some good news to share with me and to call him when I got the chance. Now if any of you know how to get me to call back you just need to reel me in with the fact that you have something important to tell me! Anyways I said to myself that he's most likely engaged as I've seen how him and Josey interact and it was only a matter of time but in the back of my head and in the front of my heart I was quietly hoping for him moving back to Green Bay and the whole engagement thing too:) Anyways, congratulations Alex and Josey on your engagement and like I told Alex on the phone if you need any advice on marriage I'm your man. I've done near close everything incorrect over these almost 15 years with my lovely Bets so I can definitely tell you what not to do and a few things that work too!
Happy Matrimonious Tuesday!
(not sure if that's a word but it sounded good)

Tonight is the last night to pre-order your new shirts. Last chance to save 5 bucks a shirt!
1.) Back Squat 10-8-7-4-4-2-2-2-2-2, every 2 minutes
note: the 2's are the goal. add load each round and use all reps prior to the 2's as warm up. 
2.) Scuffed Knee Annie 
20m Shuttle Run (5-4-3-2-1)
Double Unders 
Abmat Sit-ups
note: no GHD sit-ups allowed. 
*3.) Bench Press
5 @ 60%
4 @ 65%
3 @ 75% 
ME @ 85%
*4.) for time:
3 rounds
5 Supinated Snatch Grip Bent Over Row 95/65lb
15 Power Snatch 95/65lb
1 minute accumulated Plank on elbows
Note: every time you break the Power Snatch complete 3 supinated snatch grip bent over row prior to restarting reps

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Angel Anderson431d

Congrats to Alex!! And yay more Annie! πŸ˜‚


Antonia Shanle431d

Congrats Alex!!


james macco431d

How'd Annie get scuffed knees? πŸ€”

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Grant Soletski431d

Tripped while running.

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Theresa Rosenquist430d

And carrying her AbMat & jump rope during her sprints.

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Hilary Krueger 430d

Congrats Alex!!! πŸ’•β€οΈ


Ashley Peterson430d

Yay Alex and Josey!!!

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Bs 65-165 for 2. Kinda easy
9:21, no sprints
3 mile run, squats to 155 (squats can fuck right off, incidentally) and Annie @SpareDoor. Jump roping in the basement is hard.
275x2, 285x1 bs
Up to 190x2 BS 11:58 Annie
^225# BS x2
Back squats- 245, 265, 280, 290 x2, 300x3.
BS ^165#
17.?? Mixed DU/SU
11:35 rx, DU travesty
BS Doubles ^250#, 5#PR ; DU practice & Assault AB test drive 50 Cal
Up to 225# BS
235# x2 bs 110x5 for bench. Bent over row and plank ec done. Subbed tricep pull downs for snatch.
8:16 (singles x2)
^160# BS
Up to 220# BS
355 BS 11 something switched to doubles last 2 rounds
11:20, SU
BS to 175#
205# BS
BS up to 185#
I squatted then I ran kinda fast and did dus and sit-ups.
BS ^ 175
BS ^ 145#
Bike for 30 minutes
205lb 2BS -10lb PR, 11:49 singles
BS 10# pr /165#
BS 295#/2,,,1/2 at 300#
BS up to 265#
375x2 Squat; 7:29
235-265 BS
12:04 singles
BS ^135# x1 (15# PR) 125x2
11:30 some du mostly su
BS ^135#
Up to 215# BS
Back squats to 190#
BS 135#-220#... only hit 220 once, started out too heavy
12:14 205# BS
Hit PR!
135# bs
BS ^ 315 x 2
R Knee got all wonky on squats.
215# x2 BS
sub singles for dus - 205# BS
410# BS x 2 (5# PR)
Lets just say I finished. DU πŸ‘ŽπŸ½
8:22 UB (No trips on DUs)
HBBS - 10@135,8@185,7@205,4@225. Left hamstring was hurting a lot for 4@225 so I stopped there. Did 1 minute walk-out holds for the remaining rounds - 315,375,405x4 / *4.) complete in 7:00. UB power snatches.
BS 195-205-215-225-240 x2
Not Annie but my knees actually are scuffed - 25-20-15-10-5 Assault bike cals, 50-40-30-20-10 walking lunges, ab mats 10:56
BS ^ 195
BS ^ 195
πŸŠβ€β™€οΈFree-Kickin' Annie πŸŠβ€β™€οΈ
16:00 50mFree-50m kickboard-50 SU/50m-50m-40/50m-50m-30/50m-50m-20/50m-50m-10. 200m w/up, 200 m finisher. No Squats, knee pissed!!
BS up to 225#
13:18, SUs
BS ^155#
Really long time