Tuesday Apr 11 2017

Sam is getting a little older these days not like going to die tomorrow old but older and slower. I ask you to please always keep an eye out for our old boy. We all know he's good at watching out for barbells but he isn't very good at watching out for a randomly flung Barbell. Control your bar to the ground when you safely can and drop it when you can't. Whatevs, I don't want Sam to die and you don't want to be the one responsible for killing Sam. Lots of Burpees for a long time. Fun day yesterday and let's have another one today. 
I want to Congratulate Anna Schumacher 315 Back Squat. That's so much weight. Seriously well done!
Happy Tuesday. 
1.) 10 minute EMOM 
ODD minutes 3 Deadlift, Heavyish
EVEN minutes 3 Strict Press, Also heavyish
2.) Bets
Run 1 mile
30 Muscle Ups
*3.) Snatch from blocks @ HH 1-1-1-1-1
Note: work up to Heavierish Snatch then repeat 5 times. Rest as needed
*4.) 3 rounds
10 Reverse Hyper
7 Weighted GH Raise, very very not at all Heavyish
4 UB Triple Unders
Note: no bouncing on the bottom of GH Raise and have fun working on those triple undersπŸ‘ŠπŸΌ
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Anna Schumacher438d

Thank you, Grant! 😼

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Ty Krueger438d

For those keeping track at home that's just about 2.5x her body weight! Dannnnnnng girl!

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Grant Soletski438d

That's like me getting a 515lb Back Squat.

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Jill Schumacher438d

Wow!That's awesome Anna! So imopressive. You are my idol. πŸ’™πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸŽ€πŸ˜»

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Anna Schumacher437d

Thank you! β™₯

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Krystal Lowney437d

Quick question...are the new CFGB shirts available to order yet?

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Sal Bertuglia437d

Yes, they were available as of yesterday for pre-order in the store.

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Grant Soletski437d

Yes I am posting on it tonight. I forgot last night. I'm sorry Jake.

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Chris Ness437d

Free shirts?

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Grant Soletski437d

Yes just for you

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175 dL/65 sp
15 min emom snatch at 70#, 12 min emom even clean at 95# odd kb swing at 35#, 50 vups, 30 box jump, 30 box jump overs, 50 tricep dips, and 50 push ups
275 DL, 115 SP
8:01 mile, really close on muscle up
225# DL/75# SP
6:51 mile. 7 good MUs. Handful where I got to the press and bailed. Want to save the shoulder :)
275#dl /85#sp
9:06 miles ring rows,dips hips to rings
DL 1-2@315#, 3-4@295#, 5@275#; SP 105#
5:48 mile or so I thought. Turned too early at old 800m, so only a 1400ish; 3RMU 27BPU;;RMU coaching & work, Thanks Ashley!
225 DL, tricep push downs 8:22 mile
Reverse hyper, gh raise, triple under ec done. 21, 15, 9 squat clean 105# wall balls 14# 9:45, max effort 500 m row 1:41.6
6:44 mile 15 mu pr
Post OP Walk #10
3.5 miles from the box and back
365DL, 175SP
175 DL/ 75 SP
8:44 mile, blue and green banded MU progressions. Handstand hold 1min x2, one with fixing wrist rotation, DU practice.
275#DL 95# SP
5:48 mi 24 MU false grip Snatch EC 120#
245# dl/95# press
6:42 mile, MU progressions
155#DL 75#SP
1mi row and MU skill work
275/135 13 mu's
Ran with the cal-vi-nator
Some MU progressions. Thanks Jake πŸ™‚ DL 155# strict press 65#
275# DL / 155# SP
15:55 2000m row and 30 burpee c2b
6:40 mile, 1st ever MU during WOD!
DL 255#, SP 85#, lots and lots and lots of MU attempts :)
10:02 Mile 30 Kipping PU-7:52
#60 strict press #135 DL
145# DL/70# strict press
7:03 mile ... mu progression on low rings
235DL/105SP (last rd 2/3dl 0/3sp, grip gave out on injured hand)
9:48 for 2miles Airdyne + 60 sit ups with 14#wb
7:10 mile, 10 muscle ups at cap (celebrating that miracle)
Deadlift 155-195#/strict press 55-80#. Thought we were supposed to add weight err round so yeahhhh
175# DL 70# SP
8:23 mile, worked with T on MU progressions
165# DL 65# Strict Press Sub burpee/pull up for MU
125# dl/75# sp
8:16 mile/30 burpees
295 DL 135 SP
9 min mile alot of failed Mu
205# DL, 75# SP
7:29 mile, burpee strict pu's
195# DLs/75# SP
10 min mile/16 low ring mu progressions
365 DL/130 SP. ~6:24 mile then hips to ring and ring pull ups.
At least it wasn't raining.
Leg presses 170, push press 25 dbells, 2km run, 30 sec plank hold x10 30 sec rest between
14:32 / 6:04 mile PR! / MUs - 5,5,3,2,3,2,5x2
375# DL & 135# SP / Lacrosse ball shoulder mobility / Played "keep the flexible wiffle ball off the ground" - handball with Zach S., Sam, and Laura :)
85# strict press/ 265# DL
6:19 mile, mu attempts til 15:00 cap. Thanks for the run Paul! 30 SRD/SC2BCU.
#115 DL, #55 SP
8:25 🐒 burpee pullups total time 15:50
10 min mile, 30 burpee pull ups @ 15:04, 75 sp 135 deadlift. Wrist was hurtin
210 DL/45 DB SP
6:58 mile/23 MU (20 min cap)
7:10mi - 16:36 RX
315# DL, 125# SP
7:10 mile, all MU complete
DL ^225, SP 75
DL: #185 DBs SP: #25s
Worked on 30 MU progressions. SwimWOD: 400m @ 9:50 (100m swim/400m run)-> another 1200m swim&kickboard
7:30ish mile/19:46 total time
85/175# EMOM
335lb DL, 140lb SP + bent over rows @225lb
6:13mi 19:56 total - strict MUs
Just so we are clear 13:18 was my mile run timeπŸ˜‚
125DL, ^45 SP
12:21 mile, I ran! 18 fun cirque du Soleil mu progressions
7:44mi, 17mus @20mins