Saturday Apr 8 2017

Please join us for our weekly community workout at 8:15am. Everyone is welcome and do not worry if you have no clue what you are doing, we will teach you. Our coaches spend 30-40 minutes getting you ready for the workout and then for about 20 minutes you workout. It's fun but it's also a good learning experience because no matter if you never join CFGB we want you to walk out of our doors with a little more knowledge than you had when you walked in!
1.) 15 minutes to find 1RM C&J
2.) Cornbread
800m Run
21 Overhead Squat 115/85lb
5 Rope Climb
15 Overhead Squat 115/85lb
5 Rope Climb
9 Overhead Squat 115/85lb
800m Run
*3.) For time:
25 Axle Deadlift 225/155lb
50 GHD Sit-ups
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19:23 ^145 c&j
Free wod with Cassie
28:05 115# fs
205# c&j #5 PR
Subbed 125# back squats for oh squat. 185 clean pr
180# c&j pr
Post OP walk #7
3.5 miles
315 Cleaned 325 twice
6 mile road march, 1hr 32min. took the girls so they biked
19:06 95#OHS
170# C&J... 15# PR
C&j PR 155#, clean PR at 160#, missed the jerk; 5 rounds of 20m sled push, 20m sled pull, 20 GHDs; Rotator cuff strengthening, ring rows, few ring dips. Trying to get better at gymnastics 🤸‍♂️
Free WOD with Becky
140# C&J 5# PR
C&J - 135,165,185,205,225,245,failed 250# / HH snatch extra credit from Thursday. Stopped @ 135# because of pain in my right knee bone structure / 5 rounds of 20 meter yolk walk with (4) 45# plates followed by 20 meter HSW.
Free wod. 7x3 squat clean 125#. Row for run. Strict pull-ups for rope climbs. Lots of fun extra stuff.
Free wod.
2 mile walk with the dogs
315# cj
4 mi walked trying to keep all you crazies outta trouble😊
365# C&J for a 5# PR
15:17 - Subbed 135# front squats for the 115# OHS due to shoulder and boy did those get heavy quick
275 clean. Once again missed the jerk