Bad to the Bone

Friday Apr 7 2017

Anxiety is a horrible thing. It keeps us up at night, causes mood swings and in combination with a poor diet it can kill us! Well maybe not kill us but it's a definite contributor. I see a lot of people coming in to our gym with that look of "I can't do this" and I've heard lots of people tell me they purposely skip because they don't know what something is or how to do it. Anxiety is trying it's best to keep you out of gym. Stand up to anxiety by letting us bear your anxiety. What exactly does that mean? Well what it means is we coaches are here to teach you, motivate you and keep you accountable and you should let us do our job. You pay us to help you be healthy, remember? I would love to see everyone rid themselves of all of their anxiety but for now we'll just work on ridding it at CFGB. Smile and remember we never stop learning and with persistence and coaching from the greatest CrossFit coaches in the world (I may be a little biased but I really do believe it) you will overcome what you do not know!
Have a great Friday!
1.) 20 minutes to complete 5 rounds of:
10 Single Leg Barbell Deadlift (10 each leg)
10 Bent Over Barbell Row
note: add load each round. few pointers on the single leg deadlift: keep your hips square, keep a slight bend in the working leg, until you find your balance touch the plates to the ground and once you have your balance the bottom position will be approx 1" off of the ground causing tension throughout all the reps.
2.) Bad to the Bone
Push Jerk 185/135lb
Bar Muscle Ups
*3.) 3 rounds for time:
7 Muscle Ups
20m Handstand Walk
5 Freestanding Handstand Push-ups
20m Handstand Walk
*4.) 5 minutes ME Back Extensions
note: move with precision as your intent not speed

james macco716d

Great message, Grant.

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Ty Krueger716d

Love the post and love the workout more. #functionalbodybuilding

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Antonia Shanle715d

Awesome post Grant!

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85#, 105 for the 6 reps...then decided to do 15 extra pj right after to make up for it...
100# push jerk (Tyler's doing), baby bar mu, up to 65# deadlift and bent over row
9:02 85#
BMU on the low bar. Rows and shit at 55#
13:58, 135#
Only missed 1 bmu
Loved this!
Completed all jerks@135 and stopped MUs cause I ripped.
Jumping BMUs, 185 PJ. I think this means my shoulders are officially stronger than Jims.
13:00 bmu/attempts from box
#65 oldl and rows
Did some light stuff
Post OP Walk #6.
3.25 miles. Cold this AM.
85#, baby bar BMU. 45# RDL and rows. Posterior chain mobility.
9:55 155# 24" box bar MU
13:45 (125#jerks)
6/9 bmu - 105#
70# SLD/bent over row
Bike for 60 minutes
7:43 165# PJ, Box BMU (do 185 next time)
Gymnastics with Tom and the gang!
5:48 135# jumping BMU
3 mile 🏃
9 of 12 BMUs.
85# for jerks and a lot of time getting and failing BMUs.
15:50 120# PJ
One-legged deadlifts/BOBBRs @ 35/45/55/65/75
9:32 105# PJ, box MU
Up to 85# on DL balance (loved these!) only up to 55# on row
Making my big return today, I'm done with Harry Potter world now
8:56 105# low BMU
40# RDL and BOR
15 min time cap 3 of 6 PJ RX!!
Bmu r getting better still need some work tho.
185# PJ ✅ BMU ❌
21-15-9 thrusters 55#, bbjover:9:50; 15-12-9 kbswing 35#, burp pullups: 6:20; 12-9-6 35# goblet squats burpee t2b: 5:00 @sxmcrossfit:
9:06 (12,5-4,6 for PJ)
One-legged DL - 45,65,75,85,95# / BOBBRs - 95,105x4 (1 second pause with the barbell at the sternum)
9:23 #85push jerks BMU on small box and #15 plate
#35 row and DL
8:02 95#PJ/BBMU
55# RDL/Row
5:27 (135#, Bar MU mixed when C2B)
8:??***** SLDL:#85, BOR:#95
*****Supah scl'd: #30 DBs PP 😝, kidz BMU (@shldr hgt), Gymnastics.
Hello triceps!
My ass is dragging so far behind me I see it in front of me
Did 185 PP first round, then 135 then 165, C2B 95lb 1 legDL, 175lb bent over
Squats 6×3 up to 335
8:18, 55#, BMU from really low bar