Race Car

Wednesday Apr 5 2017

Monday's and Tuesday's I get to work the early morning classes starting at 5:15am and my favorite thing to tell people as they leave is congratulations you have done more work than 90% of the general population will do in a gym the rest of the week. Now I'm not exactly sure on the 90% part but it sounds good and honestly I feel like it really may be closer to 95%. What I'm getting at here is the fact that I really hope you all walk out of my gym proud of yourselves. We don't really get many opportunities each day where we can honestly be proud of ourselves but all that changes when you walk in and then walk out of CrossFit Green Bay an hour later. Take pride in the fact that you care enough about yourself that you put yourselves through the pain of our WOD's all in the name of your health and wellness. Give yourselves a pat on the back, smile a little bit and pick up that bar!
Have a great Wednesday.
1.) Every 2 minutes for 10 minutes 10 Push Press, add load each round
note: cycling is the name of the game
2.) Race Car
Deadlift 115/85lb
Double Unders
*3.) 5 rounds for time
20m Yolk Carry 4x45/4x25
20 WallBalls 25/16lb
note: take yolk outside during 4:15pm and 5:15pm class (during cf kids) and when you are done bring it back inside
*4.) 3 rounds
12 Reverse Hyper
10 Weighted GH Raise

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Paul Mantz384d

You could put 4 kids on the yoke.

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^70# pp some ec done
10:02 rxish
Rx weight, singles and doubles, pp to 70#
110 ppx10
12:06 RX push press up to 70#
Yay for double unders cooperating!
No push press... 5k row and GHDS, back extensions, and reverse hypers. Therapy for shoulder today.
12:21 RX. Push press 75-100
10:22 65# DL
^85# PP Pull up work
7:07. Sub Back extensions for DL
Gh raise and reverse hyper ec done.
PP ^ 100#
Post OP walk #4
About 3.5 miles from the 📦 and back.
95, 115, 145, 165, 185
8:45 singles and doubles
115# push press
Up to 100# PP
10:24 Sub 55# Front rack lunges
PP to 85#
PP ^85#
UB deads ME broken DUs
up to 135# pp
13:42 RX & DU attempts
60# PP
PP ^ 90# EC - yolk walk & wb
That was fun!! 75#DL. 35/45/50/55/65 PP x10
10:41 on 5/20
PP^75#, bike ride after
13:14 half DU/half SU
PP 55-85lb
PP up to 175#/10
10:05, single unders in "T" formation
push press with dumbbells (sore shoulder) up to 35#
2 sets of 115#
#55 DL, worked on DU. #70 push press
10:43 rx
PP ^70# **used the du time cap. every. time. 🙈
I worked out, thanks for having me 515!
10 mile run
Push press up to 95#; yoke with four 15's and 16# wb 20 minutes
10:55 RX... really struggled at first with DU
PP up to 90#
^85# push press
135# pp
Up to 100# PP
135# PP
10:03 Rx 115/125/135/145/150. All the extra credit
Mother F'n double unders kill me everytime
6:20 (There is a lot of room for improvement as I tripped 4 times on my DU 50s and 2 times on my DU 40s)
Push press - 95,115,135,145,155,165# / 6 rounds of 7 UB HPC followed by 10 strict T2B. 115,135,145,155,165,175#(x5) Focused on triple extension and moving my hips back in the receive position to get under the bar. Strict T2B are improving. Got 4 sets of 10 UB! Bottoms up kettlebell shoulder press (10 reps with each arm) - 26,30,35,45# (Not UB for 45#)
13:56 RX PP 55-75
All du's
Pp to 135#
207# pp (9/10)
PP ^ 65#
9:53, ^125# PP
9:31 Rx
PP up to 95#
6:55 (SU×2)
🔥That was a bum burner!!🔥(I did 10 DU today!) PP w/ DBs: #17.5/20/25/30/35.
PP up to 115#
Another horrible performance
145 lb PP
16:00ish, 45# for 50-40-30, 85# for 20 & 10
PP ^45#
Up to 100#pp