Friday Mar 31 2017

The 2017 CrossFit Games Open has come to a conclusion. CrossFit Green Bay has been participating in the Open since 2011. Since then we've taken an individual once in 2012 and a team 4 years 2013-2016 to regionals. In 2014 we sent our team to The CrossFit Games. CrossFit Green Bay is the only gym in the state to send a team to the games! A lot of good things have come out of this little gym over the last 6 years considering we all started from scratch! I would like to send a personal thank you to Tina Schmidt. The one consistent thing since my first trip coaching at regionals has been Tina as she has been the only individual to go and has been on every team CFGB has sent. Congratulations on your run and I really hope you are enjoying your first year off in a long time. Oh and she still ranks number 1 in the state in Master's Women 35-39! Anyhoo, like I was saying a lot of good things have come out of this gym and as of the final results they are still coming. It does not look like we will be sending a team this year to Nashville as we are currently sitting 25th in the North Central and after the individuals drop out we should be top 20 but still a few spots away from that top 15 needed. We did however qualify two Masters 55-59 division, Tom Fameree (#1 in the state and 92nd worldwide) and my very own step mother Paula Soletski (#2 in the State and 177th worldwide). Congratulations you two and as of Monday regional training begins. Few other notables in the Scaled Divisions Micheal Hartman took number 1 worldwide in Men's Scaled 45-49 and Duncan Albanese took 5th in the world for Scaled Teen's 14-15. Yes, I said in the world. Congrats you two that is a very impressive feat! I have broken down the top tens in all of the divisions that we had finishers below for your viewing pleasure. Overall, I'm very pleased with our gym's progress and look forward to the coming years. The one unique thing that sets this gym a part from almost every other CrossFit gym out there, specifically the gyms with regional qualifiers is we are built from in house. We don't recruit and we all follow the same programming. Everyone is given the same tools to succeed, it's just up to them to use them. We have a very strong crop of athletes within our doors and I fully intend on making those that wish to compete succeed at the highest level and to those that have no interest in competition you will train just the same helping you to succeed at the highest level of overall general physical fitness. Congratulations once again to our Master's Qualifiers and everyone of you that threw your hat's in the ring in the 2017 CrossFit Games Open.
Have a great Friday!

In Wisconsin: 
CFGB Females 10 of the top 100 
CFGB Males 9 of the top 100
Rx Men Top 10
Ty 6th
Chuck 9th
Rx Women Top 10
Ashley P. 8th
Masters 35-39 
Garrett 2nd
Tina 1st
Erin 3rd
Masters 40-44
Brian H. 6th
Masters 45-49
Ralinda 10th
Masters 50-54 
Anne Hoffman 9th
Masters 55-59
Tom Fameree 1st (regional qualifier)
Paula Soletski 2nd (regional qualifier)
Masters 60+
Ann Peters 6th
Teen 17-18
Sam Scherwinski 2nd
Scaled Masters Men 45-49
Mike Hartman 1st in the world
Scaled Teens 14-15
Duncan Albanese 5th in the world
10 rounds
95-lb. thrusters, 10 reps
10 ring push-ups

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Ashley King390d

Great job everyone! Nice work!!

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Amanda Zeamer390d

Congrats to all!!!

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Dana M Koziol390d

Heck yeah!!! Awesome job to you all!!!

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Krystal Lowney390d

Congrats CFGB!!! But that wod, ugh😩

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Kate Mantz390d

Good work everyone! So much to be proud of!!

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Ty Krueger389d

Thank you Coach!

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Theresa Rosenquist389d


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20:04? Or 21:04?
After 3rd round pu from knees. That was Kinda fun??
Some RX ring push-ups, some on knees.
Gymnastics 2 MUs
I was there!
Slow rowing, biking,, air squats, single arm DB press.
17:23, PU from knees.
50 GHD, 1 hour run (4.5 miles )
MOD @95# 23:33
All rds clean from ground: Odd = 10 FS + 10 24"BJ, Even = 10 BS + 10 24"BJ; Each rd 10 RPU; Box Jump PR 40 & 1/2"
5rx, 5 knees
15 or 16:39 shoulder and back on πŸ”₯ switched to box push ups. Should have took a rest day.
75# PU from knees
55# & 9 rounds of ring push-ups were from my knees
Tabata craziness @ CrossFit Station
16:55 65# thrusters
Gymnastics today!
I got one muscle up. πŸ˜„
16:04 (35#/ knees)
Happy Friday πŸ’ƒ
The push ups. Not my best workπŸ‹
19:25 55# pu from knees
Rx-ish PUs...chest probably wasn't low enough.
Rest πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ
Rings positioned 2 inches from the ground. Shoulder and back mobility.
13:47 (95# fs)
20:43 Rx
**scl'd Thrstrs w/ KBs&DBs (1-4 @#26/5-10 @#20). Hot Yoga too.
I did it....horrible
Spent more time outside trying not to puke