Monday Mar 27 2017

Today is the last day to do 17.5. If you would like to do it make sure you have a judge and let the coach know prior to class. Currently the team is sitting outside of the top 15 but once the smoke settles and the individual qualifiers accept their invites to regionals we will see if we are headed to Nashville in May. Tom Fameree, Paula Soletski, Garrett Lowney and Sam Scherwinski are either in the hunt or already in the top 200 for masters and teens divisions. We will have the final results in the next few days. Overall regardless of standings phenomenal effort by all!
We will be having an impromptu Hero Week starting today. Each workout will have something in common with each weeks Open workouts. I'm creative like that! Enjoy this week everyone starting April 3 regional and training for 2018 commences. We will be lifting a lot over the next 3 months so if there was a time to get that diet proactive towards getting strong now's the time to do it. 
Have a great Monday!
With a 55-lb. and 35-lb. dumbbell, 10 rounds of:
200-meter farmers carry with both dumbbells
35-lb. weighted pull-ups, 10 reps
55-lb. dumbbell snatches, 20 reps, alternating arms

U.S. Army Spc. Nicholas B. Burley, 22, of Red Bluff, California, died July 30, 2013, in Logar Province, Afghanistan, of injuries caused by indirect fire. Burley was assigned to 6th Squadron, 8th Cavalry Regiment, 4th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division, Fort Stewart, Georgia. 
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17.5redo...same exact time...even more whip marksπŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ
Did the wod up to time cap
5 rds at rx weight at cap
Banded strict pull ups
17.5 397 RX
Every workout RX this year. Progress.
5 rounds plus 4 pull-ups
30/15# green band strict pull-ups
6+6 snatches rx that was fun!
17.5 redo before class
7+1 farmer carry round RX in 40 min
6 + 8 pu's 20#(snatches)/30#
Green band for pu's
17.5 redo before class 11:56
25/20# skinny red/blue band from knee
5 rds + 1 snatch @ cap
45/35 scaled, body weight strict pull ups
Almost 5 rds at cap
Planned on finishing but wrist said no. πŸ˜’πŸ˜”
17.5 redo 11:31
Adios Open!!!
5 50/30 no weight on pull ups
17.5 at RX 26.30 wanted to quit PR at double unders
35/35. Banded weightless strict pulll ups
6 rds at cap
68:50 40#/25#
5-6 rds @ cap
50/35# db no weight PU
35/15#. No wt PU.
93 something
RIP Brother
6 rounds + some running
15/25# dumbbells, green band
🐌 day for me today 70:12 (35/15)
Unweighted strict pullups
6 Rounds + 200 meters. 25/15# DB, green band
64:15 rx(35/15)
5 rounds + 1 Lap. 35# &.15#
Banded pull-ups
6 rounds + 1/2 lap at 40 min, 15lb and 30lb dumbbell, red/green bands
5rds and 100m...50#/35#
snatches at 35#. no wt pull ups
6rds + 150m
(40# / 23#)
5+4 pull-ups... Rx for walk and snatch, 20# pull-up
#25 and #15 dumbbells. 6 rounds. Green and red band.
57:22 - banded pull ups (35/15)
77:22 rx dumbbells, just did regular kipping pull-ups w/o weight
5 rounds + 7 snatches
5rds+2laps at 40 min cap
(35/15)...15#snatches, green band
5 rds + a few at cap.
67:35 - 60# & 35# dumbbells (Fresh out of 55# dumbbells)
Did 4 laps around the hex structures for 200 meters rather than going outside because it was cold.
5 rds @ 40 30/15
Finally got weighted pull ups! 7 mi run w/ 30 min 2/1 intervals
45 and 35 dumb bell, assisted pull ups.
4+5 PU (50/20) cap
5 + 150 m RX weight
Each round - 5 strict pu w/ dumbbell, 5 no weight
12:43 (almost 2 minute improvement!)
6 rounds (35/15) - 40 min cap
no weight for PU
3 + 4 PU Rx in 40:00
#30/#15 FC, #30 DBSn, some sort of K->S L-PU. 5k row w/SRβˆ†'s every 1k (28/24/20/24/28)
17.5 one more time - 8:44
4+3 laps at cap