Great Balls of Mobility

Thursday Mar 16 2017

21 Day March Challenge.. I'll have information next week....Ha! Ha? Here's the lowdown challenge begins Tuesday, March 21. The usual stuff must work out 17 of 21 days at (yes I said at) CFGB. If your are 100% unable to attain this there are exceptions and that still requires working out. Also, mobility also counts as working out as long as you're at CFGB. Must log all of your meals and workouts. Writing down everything you eat, everything. You can eat what you want in this challenge the only no no is booze. The catch is you have to eat 3 full paleo zone meals every day. If you don't know what that means read this link The Zone does allow for grains, dairy and sugar but for the 21 days I want all meal time carbohydrates to come from fruits and vegetables. Rice will be an exception. We will be bringing back Bulletproof coffee for this challenge as the last group got to experience it and fell in love with the stuff. We will hold a meeting Tuesday at 6:15pm and will cover all the rules and take measurements. During this time we will also go over The Zone, what your blocks are and show you a sample day and how to create your own. Another addition is the weight rule, there is no weighing yourself for the entire 21 days and will be a ding-able infraction. The last 3 challenges have had almost a 100% perfect winners and podium finishers coming down to tie breakers. There is a lot of stuff here but the overall point is to eat 3 zone paleo meals per day. Page will be live at some point in the next 24 hours. Cost is $30 bucks. Big cash payout and big changes all in a short 21 days.
7 bells tonight 17.4 is released. Be here to watch it and if you feel like kicking some ass you can be some of the first in the world to take on 17.4 right after the show.
Have a great Thursday!
1.) Great Balls of Mobility
10 minute EMOM
Odd 10 Push-ups
Even 10 Sit-ups
note: push-ups are chest to floor, sit-ups are hands intertwined behind head and feet supported by dumbbells. Use Abmat
5 minute AMRAP
10 Wall Facing Squats
1 Wall Climb
note: get as close to the wall as you can keeping your hands above your head trying to connect your fingertips along the wall
9 minute AMRAP
1 Burpee/1 Lap
2 Burpees/2 Laps
3 Burpees/3 Laps
4/4, 5/5, 6/6, 7/7
Remainder of class go down the list spending 6 minutes on each:
Quad Smash
Calf/Achilles Smash
Piriformis Smash
Shoulder Smash
Pec Smash
Thoracic Smash
Forearm Kettlebell Smash
Couch Stretch
Banded T's & Y's
and whatever else you want to do.
note: do this stuff. 

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Rick Froming 736d

Mobility days are very beneficial boom!

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Mobility was rough ... Made some noises that no one needed to hear
Level Completed
All done
Music was 👍🏻
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Present. ☘️
Fabulous day with some fantastic people!
Wore a 20 pound weight vest during class
10 minute EMOM complete with GHD sit-ups / 5 minute AMRAP - 4 rounds + 5 wall squats / 9 minute AMRAP - 4 out of 7 laps
I thoroughly enjoyed that