Monday Mar 13 2017

So it was a very sureal moment today during 17.3. I was watching Sammy Scherwinski on his second set at 135lb and was blown away by his lifts. Back a short few years watching Sam Snatch usually made me a wee little bit scared for his life but today was a turning point. Then 185 was on that bar. Shook off miss number 1, got some coaching from 10 or so standing around him screaming random stuff. I'm pretty sure I just said don't die and you have one more fail and then you'll hit it on your third lift. Back to the bar he went and it went a lot better but no beuno. Squeeze your thumbs Sam and you'll hit it and as if on cue he hit 185 pounds. The Snatch was gross good. Then I was like shit another one officially passed me. Nice job today Sam and I really think you need to go to UWGB next year.
It's funny that the first thing I tell new people is one, I'm going to crush them in the workout and then after I do what I said (this has backfired a few times) I tell them your first goal in this gym is to beat me on the regular. Once they succeed beating me their On Ramp is officially over. Watching you all succeed is a pretty decent feeling and I really enjoy wiping the floors with you every once in a while. (or at least being within a minute or a round of you). Anyways, there were many pretty quality moments today and there was no place I'd rather have been. Well done CFGB.
I'll be in all day so anyone wanting to do 17.3 one last time just have a judge. Please if you are doing it during a class be on time for the class because you will be warming up with the class. After the warm-up we'll separate you all and get to working out. You will have time to warm up yourself more when you separate from the group. If you want to not participate in the class warm-up come during open gym time and you can warm-up with Zumba if you wish!
I meant to post info on the March 21 Day Challenge but the day got away from me. Details shortly and it'll be worth the wait!
Happy Monday!
1.) Every 2 minutes for 10 minutes 5 Unbroken Hang Cluster's, add load each round
note: maintaining constant movement throughout 5 reps is key
17 minute AMRAP
200 Double Unders
100 WallBalls 20/14lb
50 Deadlift 185/120lb
25 cal Row
ME Muscle Ups
*3.) Tabata each exercise:
GHD Sit-ups
Muscle Ups
Hip Extension
note: 20 seconds on 10 seconds rest for 8 rounds. In the rest time hold plank on the Hip ext and ghd sit up. If you are not that well versed with the GHD's yet just rest during the rest time maybe trying a plank or two along the way.
*4.) Run 1 mile for time
note: put on a sweatshit, a hat and get outside. Oh and run fast....it's cold out.

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Kate Mantz738d

Sammy the Bull 🐂

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Sam Scherwinski738d

You're the best Grant. Thank you for everything you have done for me.

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Chris Ness738d

You’re the best!
Nothing’s gonna ever keep you down
You’re the Best!
Nothing’s gonna ever keep you down
You’re the Best!
Nothing’s gonna ever keep you dow-ow-ow-ow-own

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Jennifer McFall738d

I may redo 17.3

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Brittany Van Enkevort738d

This looks really fun and enjoyable, and that really scares me because those are the worst.

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15/25 row
10# wb (got yelled at for it too), 125# deadlift, cluster 55-75#, and a redo try at 17.3 but no go.
5 cals
55-75 clusters. 79 DU in 5 min time. Buncha shitty C2B attempts during open gym.
17.3 43 rxd 6:01 tie break
Muscle up attempts. DL 125#
^ 135# cluster! 5 rds: 7 strict pull-ups, 7 HSPU, 7 dips
2 cals, 105# DL; up to 70# clusters
12# wb.. 1/2 du's, 1/2 su's. Good thing that was an amrap! phsst yeah right! haha ;)
55-90# clusters
6 MUs
Done with 17 sec left
clusters up to 85#. 10#wb 105# dl
17.3, 32 reps, rx
Not an impressive score but worked hard to get even here. BTW daylight savings sucks and should not be a thing.
Finished row at 3:02 120 for clusters
Spent some quality time thinking under the rings.
17.3 redo 80 rx
6:53 tie break
85-130 clusters 2 failed MU attempts
Ended up getting 3 MU after time expired.
205 cluster
Got to MU progressions
16#WB, 145# DL
1 MU (9 fails); 125# DL
Cluster up to 105#
50/50 DL rx
55-85# clusters
completed 25 cal row with :32 left on clock
Up to 65# cluster, 14# WB, got to 40 deadlifts at 105#
3MUP from floor, 10#WB, 95# DL
^70 EMoM clusters and EC tabata GHDs with Brenda
1 MU progression, 105# DL, 10# WB
Clusters ^75#
50 DL With 6 seconds left ...
105# DL and 14# WB
45-85 cluster
15/50 deadlift then did15/25 cal row. SI joints were not feeling the deadlift
Up to 105# clusters
Clusters 35# to 75#. 400 su, 12# wb, 105# DL , 21/25 cal row
Finished the rowing.
35/50 DL....
3/5 clusters @ 175#...17.3 redo
17.3 redo 43 reps (5 better)
6:30 tiebreak. Did the wod w/ mods as a warmup.
First time back to the gym, definitely got my a$$ kicked
17 Cals rx, DU's took me over 5 minutes LOL. Clusters up to 95#. 17.3, first time, 67 reps. Ass also kicked for that.
8/25 cal row
#90 clusters
Du's, wb's 10#, dl's 55#, cal row, ring rows ...got 20 ring rows at 17 min
up to 75# clusters
Finished row at 15:40; 125# DL
Cluster to 95#
1 mu - 2 failed (off row at 14:30)
135-195# (3/5@195)
165 Clusters
5 MUs
55-85 clusters. 17/25 row,12#wb,, 105dl.
17.3 - 81 with a 6:03 tie break - The snatching felt heavy after more than two weeks off
Clusters - 95,115,135,145,155# / AMRAP - Off the rower with 4:40 left, 15 MUs
17.3 redo, 6:14
5:45 of muscle up fails so that's fun
9/25 cals RX
55-90 hang clusters
145# clusters
^105 Clusters 125 DL
MU attempt, 125# DL
^110# clusters
1 MU progression -the rest RX
Clusters up to 85# ...just realized I never submitted my 17.3 score. Damnit!
135# cluster
MU?! What MU?**
I guess I did my own thing: 82/400 SU after finishing the row. ** #10 WB, #105 DL. Cluster: #45-70 (1st Full SqCln & WB since Oct.!), 35 min bike.
17.3 redo
Same score, 20 sec faster. 😬😬😬 Thanks Christian!
11 muscle ups
34DL, 60#, 10#WB, step ups
55# cluster
Not very far
185# / 3 @ 205