Saturday Mar 11 2017

Free class at 8:15am. Please bring a friend or a family member to enjoy our weekly community WOD. It's so fun it's almost illegal. Nice job everyone on 17.3. We will be working on our Snatches this morning. Take your time and think about every lift.
Have a great Saturday.
1.) 15 reps Snatch working up to session 1RM.
Note: 20 minute cap, spend this time working on technique and note it said session 1RM
2.) Black
In 14 minutes:
15 cal Row
10 Thrusters 95/65lb
15 cal Row 
15 Thrusters 115/85lb
15 cal Row
20 Thrusters 135/95lb
15 cal Row 
25 Thrusters 155/105lb
15 cal Row
30 Thrusters 185/120lb
15 cal Row
ME Thrusters 205/155lb
*3.) 3 rounds 
Reverse Hyper
10 Sots Press 45/35lb
*4.) 50 GHD Sit-ups for time

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Chris Ness740d

I think there is an error in the weight of the thrusters

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Free w/Johnna + snatching
Some half ass burpees and all the laughing. Snatches to 85#, failed the fuck out of 95 for like 10 min. It's close, though.
85 reps rx
115 snatch 15# PR
Free WOD
Snatching & C2B work
It was much needed.
14/25 105#
Subbed in front squats for thrusters and DL for one rep max 215#
19/25 thrusters at 105#
Under 125# multiple times... Just couldn't finish it
Free wod, lots of male on male high fives. Walked the 🐶
145#/16 of 20 @ 135#
Free WOD, 125#sn, 8/25 Thrusters
Got under 130#.....progress
105lb snatch, 15lb PR
Finished 25 thrusters+ 10 cal row at 65lb
5/25 at 155#
155# PR
PR Snatch at 97!!
7/25 thrusters only at 70#...those hurt
11/ 25 105# thrusters
102# power snatch - 2# PR which I'll take because I've been stuck here a looooonnnnngggg time(-:
Snatch PR 170
2/25 @155
Slow and steady
LSD ~ 30 min