Mobility Maddness

Thursday Mar 2 2017

Tonight at 7pm Workout 17.2 is going to be released. We invite you to come and hangout and watch the release show form CrossFit HQ. After the show if you're feeling up to it be some of the first athletes in the world to take on 17.2. This week will be the same schedule as last. We will do 17.2 Thursday evening, Friday all day and then Sunday at High noon. 
Have a great Thursday!
1.) Mobility Madness
3 rounds (6 minute cap)
25 Goblet Squats 1.5/1 pood
25 Hip Extensions
15 minutes Leg Mobility
7 minute AMRAP
25 Wallballs 25/16lb
10 Strict Handstand Push-ups
5 Bar Muscle-ups
15 minutes Shoulder Mobility
For time:
15 Chest to Bar Pull-ups
25 Thrusters 45lb Barbell
500m Row

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Present and mobile + 17.2
124 reps scaled 8:59 tie breaker
I was there
Looking forward to seeing the first group take on 17.2 tonight. Good luck everyone!!
Mobilized and socialized
20 days out of 21! With a bonus half day tomorrow. 😕
Did it.
Caleesi squats too 😊
Present 😊
2 rounds of wallball, hspu and mu attempts
17.2: 116 and 10:39 tie breaker time
Done! ✅
Done plus gymnastics :)!
I did all of the things.
Country sing along today was cool I guess?
Mobike and ready for tomorrow!!!
Forced Rest Day
2+ 25@ 25#, did hspu 25# plate and burpees pull ups, 4:43 35# thrusters and pull ups.
I was there
45 min spin/Gymnastics/MOBility Madness (a. 2+25 sq@26 b.1+10 M-SHSPU c. 5:00)
I was there