Knock Out

Tuesday Feb 28 2017

So CrossFit HQ gave us another day to submit 17.1. We finished 14th at the end of submission time today, the best we've ever done after day 1. I feel given one more day we can take a few minutes off our time and get a really dominating spot after week one. I didn't pass this by my coaches but if you want to redo 17.1 just one more time today is your day. God bless the Open!!

When life gets hard work harder. When life is all roses make sure you actually take a moment and smell them and then crush them!
Yo Tuesday!
1.) Knock Out (or 17.1)
25 GHD Sit-ups (20-15-10-5)
5 Muscle Ups (4-3-2-1)
25 cal Row (20-15-10-5)
2.) 5 minute AMRAP
Clean & Jerk 155/105lb
*3.) Snatch 
4 @ 60 & 65%
3 @ 70%
2 @ 75 & 80%
1 @ 85%
If you hit your 85% your first attempt then attempt 1 rep at 90%. Same goes at 90% then 95% and if that's hit attempt 1RM. 
*4.) 10 minute AMRAP
Odd minutes 25 Wallballs 20/14lb
Even minutes 50 Double Unders
Record full rounds

james macco751d

If my score is validated can I still redo as long as it's before 5:00 pm tmrw?

Thumb wodmother1

Theresa Rosenquist751d

If anyone that has already done this 2x, I say save & love your back and get after whatever this weekend brings!!


Antonia Shanle750d

I just remembered I accidentally left a couple pieces of white tape on the floor. Sorry to whoever picked them up and thank you!!!

Thumb wodmother1

Theresa Rosenquist750d


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Missed about 5 dips. Got all turn overs. 16 c&j. ^ 102#snatch
Rx except toms modifications for mu, rx clean and jerk amrap
High ring hangs + ring dips for MU. Plenty of chatting and a Snapchat video. 10 C&J RX
Went to go to 415 Yoga... No Yoga.. so, I mobilized :) Glutes/Hammies/quads/IT bands... etc etc etc.
١٦:١٩ چون ماهيچه بالا
15c&j in 5 minutes 145# snatch (2# pr)🙃 Handstand walk practice
14:27- 17.1 redo
yesterday's 17.1 time- 15:27.
26 cl&J at 105
13:15 with ab mat sit-ups in place of GHD. Got 3-4 non false grip MU. The rest were false grip.
C&J 85#...lost count....around 16???
15:42 GHD2=, Tom's MU Progression,
8 CL& J @155 RX
False grip holds/pull-ups for MU. 21 C&J
13:14 w/FG Pull Ups/Dips
C&J @135 Focused on correcting form and forgot to keep count. WB/DU EC.
12:04. Box Mu's.
135# 16 reps
16:13 false grip holds and ring dips sub mu
Redid grace instead of c&j 2:49 old time 4:21 Snatch up to 135# 5# pr
Bar muscle ups instead of rings; 65# clean and jerk
Got 14 Mu's... Just trying to move today
Stomach bug got me 😷
12:28 eccentric ring lowering and concentric pull then Push ups for muscle ups. 16 C&J
False grip holds, GHD to 90. 23 C&J's at 95. Day 18 of 19 for 21 day challenge. Shoulder tight
GHD to parallel, high ring mix of false grip holds and mini pulls, banded low ring dips full ROM. C&J 11 @ 85 (missed 12 by no rep). Snatch practice.
C&j with Shane roughly 60 total
weighted situps, progressions - C&J @ 135# somewhere around 15
14:20 Box MU's
11:58. Ring pull-ups and dips.
14 c&j @ 155 Played around with strict mup's. Getting close. I can taste the Jamo.
15:26 Jump up to high rings and dip, pull ups on rings then dips on low rings. Hanging knee raises
15-16 C&J at 85#
16:05 modified GHD sit-ups.
8 C&J at 135#
15:07 dips and raises. 20# abmat situps
16 c&j RX
many MU near misses
still haven't gotten an MU during a WOD, but got one afterward. 10 C&J 115#
11:52--parallel, MU Mod
155# C&J
(Wall ball abmat, ring pulls & dips) 15 C&J @ 65#
Abmat situps, toms mod for mu, 95# c&j
11 CJ @105# in 5 mins.
Bent arm pull ups on rings instead of muscle ups...14 C&J at 85
15 cj @95#
17.1 redo
Not as good as the first time but hurt the same!
20 C&J @ 105#
Present - mu attempts/then 5 C2B every round
30 x C&J / snatch EC ^ 205#
13 C&J @ 155; did a bit of snatching up to 135
I like to come in real early walk around talk to people and drink protein shakes. And work on my abs. I'm going to have abs by spring break.
15:53 MU attempts/SRD
30 CJ 105#, MU stuff
16:26 jump up to high rings, then dips on low rings.
17 c&j #70
13:22 MU progressions argh
21 c&j
My little gymnastics ability has failed me
19:26 muscle ups were rough today
16:39 MUPs - Tom's fancy way
55# Clean and Jerk - every 30 seconds
Didn't look -- MU attempts with band around anchors
20 c&js
15:39 MU progression on rings
3@85# 6@105#
**FG-PU & Asst'd RD (5/round); 17 PCl&Jks@#85. Post: 3×{15 GH-HE/10 T2B Pre: 30 min EZ spin& ROM
18 cj
Mix of ab mat sus w 8#WB and GHDs, practice hang from rings w false grip & ring dips for MUs C&J amrap 55#