Sunday Feb 26 2017

Today I got to be a part of another wedding of a couple from CrossFit Green Bay. Our favorite evening couple Pauly and Laura.
I met Pauly within the first year of opening the gym. I remember saying to myself well, that’s one interesting kid. He was built like a horse and had the sweetest personality of anyone I’d ever met. Pauly only stayed for a few days and I always wondered if I scared him away by my excessive use of the ‘f’ word. Fast forward a few years on the day Tommy Schmidt and I were doing our 1000 burpees: there was this kid sitting against the wall in his different colored nano’s just watching Tom and I intently. It turned out to be that interesting sweet kid and within a few days after those horrible burpees Pauly was finally a member of CFGB. The world was now right in my eyes. It’s funny as I don’t think people realize the affect they have on me when they come to the gym for a little bit and then go away, I always wonder about them and wait for them to come back.  I’m thankful every day that I was blessed enough to havePauly come back to hang out with me and the rest of our extended family
Laura, I met the first Monday I came home from basic training. I remember the exact squat rack she was using and I kindly went up to her and introduced myself to her after watching her struggle through her reps. I was worried that she may die under that bar that day but after coaching her these past couple years I’ve come to the conclusion she doesn’t enjoy taking the easy road. Laura doesn’t miss many days and through school and life she always makes it a priority to get to the gym and when she is there it’s 100%
effort every day. I usually tell her she is marrying one special man, but honestly they are both two of the most genuine and hardworking people I have ever met.
I recall the first night I saw these two together, it was at the CFGB Christmas party at Hagemeister. I just happened to see the two of them in deep conversation out of the corner of my eye. It was like no one else was around them even though the bar was filled with people. I could tell at that moment both of their lives were about to change. Since that night, I’ve spent many hours with these two kids at the gym watching their love for one another grow. Rarely have they been apart and when they were there without one another it just didn’t feel right and still to this day whenever one is there without the other it feels the same way. 
Never do the two of them miss the extra credit and if they carry their work ethic that they put in to their jobs and their workouts into their marriage it will be the strongest marriage on the books. I look forward to the coming years coaching you two and telling you two to hurry and finish your extra credit so I can go home. Love you two and I wish you the best in your new journey.
Congrats Mr. and Mrs. VanderKelen

Today at noon we will be taking on 17.1. If you are planning on doing it be there at 12 and we will be running heats every 20 minutes. If you use a judge please return the favor and judge yourself. We will not be open any later than 3pm.

Have a great Sunday!

1.) Shootout
50 WallBalls 20/14lb
Run 200m
5 Wall Climbs
40 WallBalls 20/14lb
Run 200m
4 Wall Climbs
30 WallBalls 20/14lb
Run 200m
3 Wall Climbs
20 WallBalls 20/14lb
Run 200m
2 Wall Climbs
10 WallBalls 20/14lb
Run 200m
1 Wall Climbs
note: if it is too icy run outside run 4 laps around the pillars inside.
2.) 7 minutes alternating every 30 seconds Hollow Rock/Superman
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Ted Kemen754d

Congratulations From Ted & Jamie!!!


Anne Hoffman754d

Very nice words Mr Soletski. Congrats Laura and Paulie!

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Jill Schumacher754d


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Paul Mantz753d

What a happy couple. Congratulations!!

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Pauly VanderKelen681d

Thank you for the kind words Grant! Laura and I are blessed to be a part of the CFGB family!

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17.1 - 16:47
Sorry to everyone that keeps seeing me die.
11:28 so sorry for all the confusion. This was suppose to go on yesterday's for my wod time.
25:19 #20 wb. Mostly wall walk attempts
17.1 redo 19:26
First attempt 19:57. Thank you to everyone for screaming at me to get my ass up off the floor on those burpees.
Yoga and walked the 🐶
17.1 redo scaled 19:06
16/17 for 21 day challenge. 171 reps RX on Friday. Scaled felt worse.
17.1 - 14:56 rx
1:09 improvement. Thanks for the pep talk Rick Froming.
~20:00 12# WB
19:06 10# WB, 25 min bike after
Wall climbs crush my soul.
17.1 19:36 scaled
17.1 / 16:36 55+ masters scaled
18:16 10#wb
17.1 redo 224 RX
First attempt 209...but seriously, 1 away from finishing!? FML. I may do it again tomorrow... lol
15:58 10# wb
17.1 redo #218 tiebreaker 14:44
Better than last time
10 mile airdyne. RH/Hip Ext. Resting ankle.
Scaled 17.1 11:08
2 min PR. Considering yoga today. Boom!
Tried... back told me no.
17.1 redo 17:48 (improvement)
First attempt was 18:35
17.1 REDO - 18:31 RX
17.1 - 18:14*
Masters 55+: #25/BBSO @20", 35 min bike after & Broga.
3 rds 1000m row 20 hspu, 20 pull-ups
17.1 - 12:45