Saturday Sep 23 2017

Please join us for our weekly Community WOD this morning at 8:15am. Every shape, size, ability welcome to hang out with CFGB and maybe sweat a little too! (Or a lot)

Starting Monday Oct. 2 the 7:15am class is being moved to 8:15am, Monday through Friday. 7:15am will become open gym/coach recovery time so they're fresh for the rest of the morning classes. 

On Sunday, October 1st, 2017 (Packer game is on a Thursday that week) Team WODs will return to CrossFit Green Bay.  This year, Team WODs will be slightly different than in the past and we want everyone to be aware of the changes.
First, on the Friday prior to each team WOD, a post will be created showing the ideal team size and the theme/name of the WOD(s).  This will allow you to form a team PRIOR to the WOD and challenge your friends.  There may be instances where a shadow player may be added to a team so everyone can participate but we’ll try to minimize that.   For example: 
Team WOD Sunday, October 1st, 2017 at noon.  A team will be 2 males or 2 females ideally.  Bring your teammate or better yet bring your team and challenge some others to bring a team to compete against.  Don’t worry, if you can’t fill out your own team.  We’ll help with that if needed.  
WOD theme for this week:  Fluffy Bunnies of Doom.  Don’t focus on the Fluffy Bunnies, focus on the Doom part.  Trust me, you’ll be tested by this WOD and want to go home and cuddle up with a fluffy bunny afterwards.  
Please note that sometimes we’ll be doing things as one massive team for warm-ups or possibly for the entire class but that will be reflected in the Team WOD post prior to the actual WOD.  And sometimes the WODs will have elements that are not physical but mental, like puzzles or math.  Sorry, the actual WOD will not be posted (unless there are rope climbs, then you’ll at least get that hint).  Enjoy the surprise of finding out what a Fluffy Bunnies of Doom WOD is!
Second, team WOD is for everyone just like all CrossFit classes.  We can scale, modify or otherwise change the WOD for everyone’s skill level.  Even if others on your team don’t need modifications or scaling.  
Third, you don’t need to have any desire to compete in a CrossFit competition to do team WOD.  While we are going to work on competition skills as far as strategy and other things, competing is not a prerequisite to being part of team WOD.  Look at Christian, he has zero desire to compete and he rarely misses a team WOD.
Fourth, Team WOD is for everyone!  Note that it does count against anyone with a three times a week membership.
Fifth, Team WOD is fun!  Hell, doesn’t the idea of a Fluffy Bunnies of Doom WOD seem fun?  (And yes, that is the actual WOD name for October 1st, other details subject to change.  Be there!!)
1.) 10 minute EMOM 1 Clean & Jerk @ approx 70%
rest 3 minutes
7 minutes to establish session 1RM Clean & Jerk
2.) Electric
30 cal Assault Bike
20 Dumbbell Single Arm Overhead Squat 80/55lb, alternate arms every 5 reps
10 Burpee Box Overs 30/24", no hands no full extension 
*3.) 3 rounds
Row 500m
rest 1:1
note: negative splits is the name of the game
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Chris Ness3h

Is Electric one round?

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Krystal Lowney2h

8:15 class!🙀Yippee!!!

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Grant Soletski1h

Yes one round

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