Refer a Friend

Dec 9 2015
At CrossFit Green Bay, we understand that a solid support system is fundamental to your success. For that reason we’ve developed a great program that will not only give you an excellent value on your membership, but also allow you to include your friends, family, and coworkers! If you are a current or new member of CrossFit Green Bay (regardless of whether you are in on-ramp or the regular classes), if you refer someone to our on-ramp program, you and your referred member will both receive 15% off of your membership fee when the referred member begins on-ramp.  To further the value, the offer is not limited to one member.  If you are a current member and you refer two new members, you will receive 30% off of your membership during the first month of the referred members’ time with us.  The offer extends up to seven referred members which would earn you a free month of membership!  The scale will work as follows

1 referred member=15% off for you and for them
2 referred members=30% off for you and 15% off for each of them
3 referred members=45% off for you and 15% off for each of them
This scale will continue on to seven additional members as mentioned.

Our 1-Month Unlimited Membership discounted for families, military, police, firefighters, and full time students ONLY
Sorry to 6:15am for making u do bbo 🙈
19:25 85 SP. ~3:30 DL&du
20:07, 165# SP
Assault bike and step ups. Ran first Rd. Tight back.
17:24 & 135# SP
Whale scales (row/ass, step-ups)
80# SP; ex cred 3 & 4; clean-FS-hang clean-FS-jerk complex up to 145#; 50-40-30-20-10 dubs/10-8-6-4-2 MU
15:24; 155#
1)Snatch 1rep. 185. 2) 10single arm DB step up-R 10single arm DB lunges-R 10single arm DB step ups-L 10single arm DB lunge-L 3) 50GHD sit ups for time- 4) E3M 3x4 BS 275# 5) 9AMRAP- 3strict hspu 2x45 25 wb-3rds
3 rounds+200m; 85# SP
EC: 50 GHDfor time (3:10)
16:57 w mods
👶🏼 mods: bike .8 & plank burpees // SP 85#
2 BBO left at cap😩
SP at 72#
17:10, SP 95#
Yesterday’s BS 201 and snatch up to 132#, failed 137#... deficit HSPU/WB, DB step ups and lunges, 50 GHDS 1:34 unbroken, DL and dubs
95# SP
#130 Strict press. XC: DL/Dubs
165# SP
Variation on back extension EC
15 prego burpees @ cap, finished after
18:59, 100# SP (failed last one whoops)
125 snatch. DL/DUS dome.
18:49 105# SP
New one rep SP at 125. EC3. 50 ghds (1:55). 30 back extensions
Bunch of EC with my 5:15 peeps.
750m row, step ups (handiWOD)
near the end of the bike in the 4th round @ cap, step up burpees & step ups
35# SP, CrossOver