Refer a Friend

Dec 9 2015
At CrossFit Green Bay, we understand that a solid support system is fundamental to your success. For that reason we’ve developed a great program that will not only give you an excellent value on your membership, but also allow you to include your friends, family, and coworkers! If you are a current or new member of CrossFit Green Bay (regardless of whether you are in on-ramp or the regular classes), if you refer someone to our on-ramp program, you and your referred member will both receive 15% off of your membership fee when the referred member begins on-ramp.  To further the value, the offer is not limited to one member.  If you are a current member and you refer two new members, you will receive 30% off of your membership during the first month of the referred members’ time with us.  The offer extends up to seven referred members which would earn you a free month of membership!  The scale will work as follows

1 referred member=15% off for you and for them
2 referred members=30% off for you and 15% off for each of them
3 referred members=45% off for you and 15% off for each of them
This scale will continue on to seven additional members as mentioned.

Our 1-Month Unlimited Membership discounted for families, military, police, firefighters, and full time students ONLY
^125 c&j
Up to 184# c&j
WOD = missed ring & bar mu
11:02 MUP & ring dips w/green
C&J ^105, SP EC, PP 1RM@ 105# ohs 10-10-10 @65#
Morning - 11:48 scaled
Night - 4) 125 working; 1rm 165. 5) 65. 6)
14:38 if you count non locked out reps. Hc up to 185. Don't get a massage before class
Swimming lessons
Thanks Steve!
MUP with band. Clean complex up to 110#
Crossfit Balboa
8:35 - All the prego modifications
C&J ^ 80#
12:55? Not close to rx
2 cl and 1 jerk at sp at 145
14:20, modified mu progression
c&j 65-95#
Hips2rings/MUP/dips, worked on losing extra swing on T2b. Clean complex up to 105#
11:31 MUP
Cleans to 125#...EC HR/SM, shoulder press 75#, PP 125#, OHS 95#
13:20 // 115#
Hips to rings and MU progression with band. Nice and cool this morning compared to yesterday.. 🔥
9:29 push-ups/hanging leg raises/ring rows and dips
c&j ^85#
12:59 MUP
95# C&J
12ish scales MUs; clean complex up to 135#
EC push press up to 165# with Big Mike
11:42 ring progressions
C&j 185# ec SP 135# X 3 PP 205# 20# PR
215# clean and jerk
No idea 10???
^ 225# cJ
C&J up to 205
95-115 c&j. 12:43 knee pu, purple band on low rings for mu.
165 clean and push press
C&J ^ 205#
Scl'd the MU w/ Swing MUP + 5 A-RD. BS: 10/6/5/5/5 & DB-SP: 4×10. All my pre-hab stuff too.
C&J up to 135#...shoulder is getting there slowly!
13:01 Rx
Up to 215#
Swimming with Steve
Thanks so much!!
Cleans to 235
14:17, modified
C & push press ^30#