The 2016 Green Bay Barbell Open

Saturday Oct 01, 2016

The Green Bay Barbell Open will be a one day "Open Style" USAW Sanctioned meet with 4 sessions: Men's and Women's A & B.

Medals awarded per weight class and based on total. Registration is capped at 65 athletes total. 

Initial check in: 6:30-7am
First weigh in: 7:00am
First session: 9:00am
Event registration is closed
^155 miss at 157
Bs@205-215 not 85%
95# Snatch
275# BS
Kept it light. Back is getting better everyday. Worked to 155# for power snatch and 245# for BS.
Did Fran before because I missed the other day. 4:34 first time. Still not great at pull ups 😅
135# snatch
205# BS. Excuse Rolodex aside, it was a good day.
105# Snatch PR; 145# BS
#4 EC
80# Snatch, 135# BS
Dropped snatch back down to 65 for the rest of the 10 min to work on form
6 mile run.
🍒 picked.
105 Sn no PR
200 BS
100# pclean, tie PR
135# BS, Love Meathead Wednesdays!