First 21 Day Challenge of 2017 kicks off Monday January 2. Cost is $20 per person and payout will be dependent on the number of registrants.  First, second and third place will be paid out as long as there are over 20 people registered. If it's under that we'll have a first and a second place only.
The rules are as follows:
Refrain from consuming grains, dairy, alcohol & sugar 
Train a minimum of 17 days of the 21 days at CFGB or another box if traveling
Log all workouts 
Log all meals (record everything that you consume)
Take before picture and after picture
Measurement of waist at navel and 2" below navel 
The winners will be based off of 3 elements: your measurements, your food log and your workout log. Slipping up does not mean that the world is over just record it and move on. If you sign up please commit yourself, heart and soul it will change your life I promise. Just a note there are no t-shirts even though it's on the registration page. You can get measured at the gym Friday the 30th, Saturday morning the 31st or Monday the 2nd. Email your measurements to 
Register for the event by selecting a division below.
Volunteers can sign up using the link below.
^155 miss at 157
Bs@205-215 not 85%
95# Snatch
275# BS
Kept it light. Back is getting better everyday. Worked to 155# for power snatch and 245# for BS.
Did Fran before because I missed the other day. 4:34 first time. Still not great at pull ups 😅
135# snatch
205# BS. Excuse Rolodex aside, it was a good day.
105# Snatch PR; 145# BS
#4 EC
80# Snatch, 135# BS
Dropped snatch back down to 65 for the rest of the 10 min to work on form
6 mile run.
🍒 picked.
105 Sn no PR
200 BS
100# pclean, tie PR
135# BS, Love Meathead Wednesdays!