Pauly VanderKelen

Square 1469


Back squat0 lbs
Deadlift0 lbs
Clean & Jerk0 lbs
Snatch0 lbs
Front Squat0 lbs
Overhead Squat0 lbs


1.) 20 min to establish 1RM Strict Press
-Don't repeat a current personal record. Go at least 1lb over!
2.) Every 2:00 for 4 Rounds with :20 sec rest
Row 400m, then Max Effort Perpendicular Burpee Box Jump Overs 24/20" 
*3.) 4x20 Kipping HSPU
-Rest as needed between sets
*4.) 3 Rounds @ 40% Power Snatch Max
5 Behind the Neck Push Press Snatch Grip
5 Muscle Snatch
5 Power Snatch Balance
1.) 20 min to establish 1RM Power Snatch
-Don't repeat a current personal record. Go at least 1lb over!
2.) 10-8-6-4-2
Strict Pullups
GHD Situps with Medball 14/10lb
*3.) 15 min Bar Muscle Up practice
*4.) 5x5 Clean Grip Deadlift @ 95% of SQUAT Clean
1.) 20 min to establish 1RM Power Clean
-Don't repeat a current personal record. Go at least 1lb over!
2.) With a partner, complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:
30 Double Unders
15 Pull ups
15 Push ups
100-meter run

For the AMRAP, have one partner work while the other rests, switching after a full round is completed.
1.) 9 Rounds for time with a partner:
9 Bar Muscle Ups
11 Clean and Jerks, 155/105 lb. (Any Style)
50-yard buddy carry
-Share the work with your partner however you choose with only one person working at a time. If you can't find a partner, perform 5 reps of each exercise per round and find a heavy sandbag to carry.
1.) 20 min to establish 1RM Back Squat
-Don't repeat a current personal record. Go at least 1lb over!
2.) 5 rounds for time
:30 bar hang
100' farmer carry with 2 dumbbells (you choose weight)
40' HSW
*3.) 3 Rounds
10 Reverse Hyper
10 SLOW Good Mornings 75/55lb
5 Deficit Deadlifts @ 60% (Stand on 45lb plates)
1.) 20 min to establish 1RM Deadlift
-Don't repeat a current personal record. Go at least 1lb over!
2.) 21-15-9-3
Strict Press at 50% of established 1RM this week
1.) For Time
30 T2B
50 Pistols
70 Wall Ball
50 Pistols
30 T2B
2.) Lacrosse Ball Shoulder Smash
1.) 6 Rounds
400m Run
15 Burpees
10 Box Jump Overs 24/20"
*2.) 5 x 8 reps each.
Barbell supinated grip lat row
Wide grip strict pull up
Narrow grip chin up
1.) EMOM 12 OR *4.
Odd min: Freestanding HS Hold Practice
Even min: 4 Sandbag Cleans
(Have half class start on opposite stations)
2.) 5 Rounds
100m Plate Pinch Carry 35/25lb plates
20 Alt. Lunges in place with one plate overhead
*3.) 15 min practice ring muscle ups
*4.) 20 min to establish 1RM Back Squat (if you missed it last Friday)
-Don't repeat a current personal record. Go at least 1lb over!
1.) EMOM 10
Odd: 6 DB Overhead Squats (3 in a row per side, you pick weight, try to work up)
Even: 5 Box Jumps 36/30" (Go higher if it's too easy)
2.) 21-15-9
Hang Power Clean and Jerks 45/35lb
Snatch Balance
*3.) 3x3 DSHSPU (deficit strict) 2x45 plates
3x5 DSHSPU 1x45
3x10 SHSPU no deficit
1.) OR *3.) 
Every 2 min for 5 Rounds
.4 mile Assault Bike, then ME Double Unders
2.) 30-20-10
Kettlebell Swings 70/53lb
-One Arm Overhead KB Carry 100m Door to Door after each round
-Anytime you set the KB down, do 10 KB Deadlift penalty
*3.) 20 min to establish 1RM Deadlift (if you missed it last Saturday)
-Don't repeat a current personal record. Go at least 1lb over!
1.) Goat (weakness) work
20 min EMOM
EVEN: goat #1
ODD: goat #2
-Pick (x) reps for each movement
-Maintain the same reps scheme from beginning to end
*2.) Full Body Smash
-Spend 30 minutes digging into all large muscle groups with supernova/lacrosse ball/partner's foot
Aurora BayCare Open Streets workout at 10:45am on the Main Street bridge in Green Bay!
Bring your family and friends for a great workout that is just like our weekly Free Community Class!
1.) 10 min AMRAP
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ...ETC
Toes to Bar
Chest to Bar Pullup
B/W ea. round run 100m
-Challenge yourself to hang on longer than what is comfortable
2.) 7 Rounds
3 Tire Flips
1 Rope Climb
1.) 30 min AMRAP
800m Run
5 Deadlifts 205/145lbs
3 Hang Squat Cleans 205/145lbs
1 Shoulder to Overhead 205/145lbs
5 Box Jump 36/30"
*2.) 3x10 Each:
Strict Pull Up
Strict Ring Dip
1.) 10 min AMRAP
10 Alt. DB Squat Snatch 50/35lbs
15 Burpees
50 Double Unders
REST 5 min
10 min AMRAP
20 Kettlebell Swings 53/35lb
40ft Overhead Kettlebell Lunge, alt. Legs
*2.) Accumulate 2 min free standing HS Hold
-Every time you come down perform 20 DUBS (scale to the wall for 3 min)
135# bs, strict pull up with bands, ring dip with red band, row and rope pull. Accessory work
225# BS
115# BS (not 75%), 3 strict PU + strict ring dips, RC w/legs.
6 Rds + 3 MU
BS @ 295
36:56, 105# w deficit pull-ups and ring dips
Meter Maid: 18:11 w A.P. & hspu work w the 7:15a crew
RX - legless as much as possible
210# BS/BMU/not legless. + HSPU EC 2/8.
35:10 assault bike, BS #105, 3 ring rows/pushups, rope pull
7 + 10m @ 225# bs