Danielle Sherman

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Back squat0 lbs
Deadlift0 lbs
Clean & Jerk0 lbs
Snatch0 lbs
Front Squat0 lbs
Overhead Squat0 lbs


1.) Every 90 seconds for 7 rounds complete Clean complex @ approx 65% 
Floor to Low Hang (directly below knees) -> Pause 3 seconds -> Clean & Jerk
2.) Ultra
1000m Row
3 Rounds 
15 Thrusters 95/65lb
5 Bar Muscle Ups
*3.) 3 Front Squat every 90 seconds for 5 rounds @ approx 80%
*4.) 21-15-9
Hang Power Clean 115/85lb
Assault Bike 
*5.) EMOM for 10 minutes 
3 Muscle Ups
5 Strict Ring Dips 
Note: Scale to 2MU/3SRD
*6.) GHD Sit-up Tabata
8 rounds: 
20 seconds ME GHD Sit-ups
10 seconds rest
note: rest @ parallel 
The Beer Mile
4 rounds
1 Budweiser Beer
400m Run
note: we will be having a second running of the mile at 3pm for any late comers
1.) Every 2 minutes for 6 rounds
At 0:00 1 Front Squat @ approx 85% 
Hold in Front Rack Until 0:30 
1 Front Squat @ approx 85%
Rack bar remainder of 2 minutes
2.) Whitetail 
3 Rounds
30 Alternating Dumbbell Snatch 50/35lb
20 Pull-ups 
10 Medicine Ball GHD Sit-ups 25/16lb
800m Run

1.) 10 minutes to establish 1RM Thruster
-No Thruster Jerks allowed
-Bar comes from the ground or a rack, athlete's choice
2.) Every 2 minutes for 4
rounds 6 Push Jerk @ approx. 70%
-Try to cycle reps
*3.) 10 minute EMOM 
Odd: 1 Legless Rope Climb
Even: 1 Rope Climb
*4.) Every 90 seconds for
15 rounds 1 Snatch with a 3 second pause @
Low Hang @ approx 80%
*5.) 10 minute AMRAP
7 Sandbag Over Shoulder
100m Sandbag Bear Hug Carry
*6.) 5 rounds
10 Back Extension
10 Wide Grip Strict
WOD 1 (9:69 cap)
36 Pullups (Int=Pullups, Sc=Ring Rows with feet under rings)
Partner run 400m
18 Chest to Bar Pullups (Int=Pullups again, Sc=Pullups)
Partner run 200m
9 Ring Muscle Ups (Int=C2B Pullups, Sc=Pullups again)
Partner run 100m
-Athletes must be next to each other on the run and cannot start gymnastics movements unless they’re together. 
-One athlete does gymnastics work while the other rests, switch whenever with no minimum work requirements

11:69 for both athletes to find 1RM Hang Clean - Any Style
-Both gender bars can be preloaded before timer starts.
-Clips must be used at all times or the lift doesn't count.
-Athlete must deadlift the bar up fully, then clean from anywhere between the knee and the hip.
-Only one athlete can lift at a time, so take turns loading and lifting. 
-The barbell must be off the floor before the timer beeps at the end of the WOD.
-Score is total pounds lifted between the two athletes.
-Intermediate athletes multiply score by 1.10% for a 10% handicap, Scaled athletes multiply score by 1.15% for a 15% handicap. 

WOD 3 (14:69 cap)
Women’s bar loaded to 125lbs (Int=105, Sc=85)
Deadlift/Front Squat
Complete 100 Double Unders (Int/Sc=DU or Penguin Jumps) before each set
-One athlete works, one rests.
-If the female is doing bar work, she does deadlifts. If the male is working, he does front squats. 
-Non-lifting athlete can have the rope in their hands, ready to go while the other athlete is lifting.

^155 miss at 157
Bs@205-215 not 85%
95# Snatch
275# BS
Kept it light. Back is getting better everyday. Worked to 155# for power snatch and 245# for BS.
Did Fran before because I missed the other day. 4:34 first time. Still not great at pull ups 😅
135# snatch
205# BS. Excuse Rolodex aside, it was a good day.
105# Snatch PR; 145# BS
#4 EC
80# Snatch, 135# BS
Dropped snatch back down to 65 for the rest of the 10 min to work on form
176 # snatch. 11# pr
281# BS
242lb Snatch Lifetime PR!!!
Clean work — 55-95#
BS 105#
6 mile run.
🍒 picked.
105 Sn no PR
200 BS
225# snatch (PR)
285# BS
Coming out the woodwork for this gem of a “crossfit” workout
^215 BS 405
47:52 CF HQ WOD 07/13/18
2k C2/1 mi run/2k C2/1 mi run/2k C2 (sub'd 1609m SkiErg). Mega MOBility (HF/QL/Subscap...)
100# pclean, tie PR
135# BS, Love Meathead Wednesdays!