18:24 kipped no plates only one pillow
17:46 kipping deficit/ ring rows+dips
BS@230 PJ@105(unsure what my 1Rm PJ is)
22:50 mup 20” step overs hspu from box
Push jerk 75,95,95,95
Thanks Derek for pointing out my MU flaws 2nd set of 15 were much quicker
15:42 Kipping with 45lb bs at 315 PJ 135
Scaled and delusional
15#plate deficit, MUP on low rings.
MUP and Kipped HSPU
15:50 15lb plate and 1 abd mat for kip hspu. Low ring mu
Done w mods
Box stepups and some box jumps//hspu 1mat (4 w 25#plates) //145#bs
5k row at home
46:10 all 30 muscle ups, kipping deficit 1x45 plate
I need to learn regular grip mu 😐😵
27:18- RX height but kipped HPSU, 5 MU 1st round, all 15 last round
PJ 85#, clean complex 85#, BS 220#, wallball and bike EMOM, C2B work
Rest Day😏
Knee treatment yesterday. Doc said I had to wait 48hrs. Hate rest days.
Getting my old snowblower stared for time RX
27:33 -rx
HS walk practice
16? Some attempts at kipping, some strict #25 deficit
E.C. B.S. #155
Scaled and slightly more delusional than Buntin
22:04 kipping HSPU
Kipping HSPU/ dips and ring rows. 200# BS. 135# PJ. Did some wallballs and rowing because 🍎x1000
Good thing because my shoulders are pi$$ed coming into today. Snowy but warm Yoga.
Lots of mods—burpee pull-ups instead of MU; lipping HSPU (45+25)
24:17 Kipped deficit HSPU’s
22/30 MU
One measly 45 and kipped