Sunday Sep 25 2016

If you've hit all 4 days of squatting this week, take today off unless you're planning on doing ALL of the mobility. 
Regardless, do a bunch of mobility anyway!

Happy Sunday!
1.) 50 Cal Row
50 Thrusters 45/35lb
Run 400m
40 Alternating DB Snatches 50/35lb
30 Cal Row
30 KB swings 2/1.5 pood
Run 200m
20 Wall balls 25/16lb
10 Cal Row
10 Deadlift 315/220lb

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Jennifer McFall10h

Is there only a 0815 WOD or is there another now that there is no swim WOD

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Theresa Rosenquist21m

Just 815 for now. Keep an eye out for TeamWODs soon.

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