Club Kid

Tuesday Aug 30 2016

"The love of what you do, combined with your belief in what you do, will not determine your success. It will determine how hard you will work and how dedicated you will be to achieving it. Success just shows up from there."
Jeffrey Gitomer

1.) 7 minutes up the ladder
10 Deadlift 185/130lb
10 Deadlift 225/155lb
10 Deadlift 275/195lb
10 Deadlift 315/225lb
10 Deadlift 365/255lb
10 Deadlift 405/285lb
2.) Club Kid
100 Bar Facing Burpees
Beginning of every minute complete 5 Thrusters 95/65lb
Note: you must do 5 thrusters every minute. 
*3.) Clean at Hang from Blocks
5 reps @ 60,65 & 70%
4 Reps @ 75%
3 reps @ 80 & 85%
Note: the last rep of each set complete 1 split jerk
*4.) 3 rounds
10 weighted GH Raises
10 Reverse Hypers

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Amanda Zeamer16h

This ranks in my top 5 worst workouts ever

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Sam Scherwinski16h

Seeing this just killed my mood.

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Sylvia Christensen16h

No success with that attitude! 🙃

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Charlie Spry16h

Yes Yes Yes...oh hell no.

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Mary Stueber15h

We did Club Kid on April 4th. I feel like I could beat my time. Too bad I am out of town.

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Chris Ness12h

She's right, this is when I learned Jim was a cheater.

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Hilary Krueger 15h

The worst workout of my life

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Chris Ness14h

Hard Pass

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Dana Koziol14m

You're doing it with me tonight! No hard pass on this one!!!:-)


Amanda Wilfer13h

Bahaha This will take me until the end of time to complete!

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Amy Zynda7h

Darn. Can't go today. I'm crushed.

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Sal Bertuglia6h

What, were you not hugged enough as a child?

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Ty Krueger2h

Thinking my GG taper starts today ;)

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3 mile run
Deadlift ladder: 5 @ 225#
Slept in for time
Home wod followed by some active recovery
7 @ 315# DL, capped on without
Did I really just pay someone to do that to me?
DL ladder ended at 210#. 65# thrusters 14:00---felt a little pukey ;)
8 DL@ 255#. RX 24 min
26ish 100 Burpees /90 thrusters
DL 135#-235
10 rnd 5 push press 5 burpee. So out of this shape.
20:43 55#
Missed 3 thrusters in 4th quarter d/t a bit of dizziness. DL 95-165 + 190x1
I'm looking forward to this.
Bar facing burpee step overs. DL 8@225#
1@365 under 20 min
You're welcome Brian
10:58 box jumps and 45 cleans
No shoulder use works to my advantage today. Up to 10 @165DL Hang clean EC w/Jenna
Scaled version of deadlifts - made it to the 5th round at 190# x 3 , Thrusters and burpees RX 16.39
16:45 (55#) It was awful and the bar almost rolled into my face twice which resulted in lost time cuz I couldn't stop laughing
DL ^ 175#, Hang Cleans w/ Hil
22:00, 75 burpees (stopped there, SI joint locked) first 50 RX
DL ladder 95lb-165lb ran out of time for 190lb
18:43 (55#)
2:03 improvement. DL through 95#, 115#, 135#, 165#.
10/10 DL at 315#
10 DL at 230# (vs 225# - too much bar math!)
Up to 275 DL
Two reoccurring nightmares I have: Having to give a speech in college while being naked, and this WOD .
9/10 DL at 365#
10/365 almost got 405 on the bar. 17:53 that was a whole new definition of suck
DL through #145
19 minutes 3-5 thrusters per round. #55. That was awful. 15 min bike cool down
6@285# scaled track, 20:58 scaled
dl 135/155/195/225/255/6@285...20:58 with 4 min off for time travel and a run to the liquor store, started 95# then 75# @ min 10,
1 attempt (failed) at 405#
19:51 this crushed me. I dropped weight on round 5 to 75#
At one point I heard a was calling my name. This voice kept telling me to "come here"...I pondered if it was God and I had died mid thruster and I was being called home. As I wiped the sweat from my eyes I saw a man..behind him was a bright bright was however not God but Charlie Spry sitting by the side door telling me to take the seat next to him...and I did...and we discussed how we should've just went to breakfast but we did this instead....then we wept. We wept tears of sadness.
10:36 3/10 dl @ 405#
Through 315, back to sore to stand up all the way at 365
I think that may be the only time I can remember being happy to be injured since I couldn't do burpees with a heel / ankle injury. I'll take push-ups any day over burpees
24:00 35#
3 thrusters each min for first half, then 1 thruster each min. 2:00 min improvement from last time. 5 min of break time in there. DL 55 - 95#