Monday May 21 2018

I want to congratulate all the runners that participated in running events this weekend and Charlie for lifting all things awkward and heavy this weekend as well. Also want to congratulate Will for breaking the Guinness World Record for a Marathon with a 100 pound pack and a final congrats to Danica Patrick on qualifying 7th for the Indy 500. Great weekend!
Yo Monday!
1.) Mini-me
500m Row
100 Double Unders
400m Run
2.) 5 Push Press EMOM for 5 minutes @ approx 60%
*3.) With a partner alternating every time sled stops moving
200m Sled Push 4x45/3x45lb
Every time movement is stalled partner pushing the sled must complete 15 Push-ups prior to next partner starting
*4.) 400m Kettlebell Front Rack Carry 1.5/1 pood
*5.) 20 minute AMRAP on Assault Bike
20 second Sprint
40 second Steady Pace
note: record total cals
*6.) 50 Back Extension 
note: Precise 
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6:54 full cheat
Singles. 115# Push press
WOD #1: 1mi run, 21 C&J, 800m run, 21 C&J, 1 mi run. 105lb RX 42:34
4:32 unbroken
PP - 155# / FS from Sun @ 195# for 4 rds.
6:50, 70#push press. 50 back ext. 50 hspu from box. 5 sets of 10.