Red Dragon

Tuesday Dec 6 2016

My Lord today I worked out at 11:30am and it was not the best workout for me. I ate well all weekend and I didn't drink a drop of alcohol, slept decent, ate pretty darn well and it was all struggle bus for me. Pretty much walking in to the gym today I knew I felt a little tight. Needless to say I did not do enough mobility prior to starting so I suffered the consequences. Anyways, I did my best on the skill work and then just kinda dealt with the workout. Got sweaty, gained some bullet points on what I have to work on but mostly suffered through the WOD. So I did everything right except one tiny little thing and it affected everything for the negative. If you want the greatest potential return from your body you need to be willing to invest everything. Take lessons from this guy and take care of yourself, you will have a funner time. (I know funner is not a word but I don't care it's fun to say)  I also regretfully inform everyone I can't talk so much during warm-ups anymore as I need to get my work done. I'll still wave, ha. 
Have a great Tuesday!
1.) 1 Snatch EMOM @ 70% with 2 sec pause at low and and then at hang
note: really concentrate on continuing to push those knee back just a bit further coming out of low hang to hang holding on to that back angle. please for the sake of Justin's mental well being do not lock out your knees.
2.) Red Dragon
cal Row
Power Snatch 75/55lb
*3.) 5-4-3-2-1-1-2-3-4-5
Strict Toes to Bar
Strict L-pull-ups 
7 minute cap
*4.) 30-20-10
GHD Sit-ups
Hip Extension


Jake Plennes18h

Remember, power SN means power. Muscle SN is a no rep.

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Paul Mantz7h

I had some no reps today I am not ashamed

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Chris Ness7h

Siffered isn't a word either.

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Grant Soletski22m

all fixed thank you

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45#, snatch emom at 65#, VHS and hip extensions done, tried some strict t2b, 30 min active recovery, 12 min amrap of 200m run and 10 squat cleans with the aurora boys-3 rounds plus run and 7 cleans at 85#
122# snatches
Snatch emom @ 90# Gymnastics work: hips to rings, dips, butterfly pull-ups
12:22 45#
EMOM 70#
EMOM- 5 Rounds at 125#, last 5 rounds at 130# Pre-wod Clean and jerk work: 3 at 60% (125#), 65% (140#), 70% (150#), 2 at 75% (160#) and 80% (175#), 1 at 85% (185#) and 90% (195#) post-wod gymnastics work: 4 rounds of: 4 hips to rings, 4 dips, 30 ghds
14:20 Emom@165
21,15,9,9,15,12 oops. Thanks Scottie for the save.
14:53 Emom@ 45
21/15/9/15/21 @ 35 + wood. Didn't 🍒 pick my worst lift but one of these days I'll get it. 😉
15:23 rx
EMOM 65#
125# snatch EMOM. Snatch looking prettier. 🤔
EMOM 80# x 6 85# x 4
15:09 @ 65#
EMOM @ 75#
EC- toes to bars & L-sit holds
snatch @ 75#
13:24 @ 35lbs
EMOM 65#
Snatch 115#
Snatches @ 65/70#
Emom 135# x5 165# x4 with 1 miss
13:12 On AirDyne cause ran out of rowers. Snatch EMOM #125
17:05, 45#
55# snatches
105# snatches | 13:32
Starches felt great today!
12:12 Rx
105# snatches
Did it...started strong and finished.....not so strong
115# snatch work
Snatches @ 195#
17:41 @ 35#
EMOM @ 45# Lots of snatches...