Saturday Aug 27 2016

Why don't you all join us this morning at 8:15am for our weekly community WOD. It's free and even better it's a great workout to give your weekend a little boost of energy. 

Regular classes get your smashing done during class. Make sure you do as I know for a fact we all need it. It was a rough week.
1.) Every 3 minutes for 5 rounds
Complete 1 Strict Press->3 Push Press->5 Push Jerk
Note: the strict press should start at approx. 70% of 1rm strict press adding load each round
2.) Recon
7 minute cap
Wall Walks
Box Jumps 42/36"
Bar Muscle-Ups
3.) Partner Smash
Note: you pick what needs smashing, get a partner and get it done. 

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