Crash Landing

Thursday Apr 9 2020

Take a look at the gym! I apologize for the sound quality, maybe my mic is just a piece of crap on my phone. I hope you all like the setup and are as excited as we are to have to back. Thank you again to all who participated in the auction yesterday, truly awesome stuff.
Have a great Thursday and enjoy the tour.
Hey there Thursday!
1.) Crash Landing
100 Double Unders
50 Barbell Strict Press 75/55lb (60 with db/kb 30 each arm alternate as you wish)
25 Burpees 
note: death fast.
2.) Push Jerk 1-1-1-1-1, adding load each round
Note: first set should be around 60%, if using db/kb practice full 1 arm squat jerks and if that is too heavy use a can of soup and practice the speed in to the basement and arm position
3.) With a quarantined partner(demo)
30 times (15 each)
Pick up partner from ground and if possible put over shoulder, if its a kid picking up an adult you can vary from just getting the adult to a seated position all the way to get them adults to their feet.
4.) Every 3 minutes for 15 minutes complete Snatch complex:
1 Snatch->1 Hang Snatch->1 High Hang Snatch, add load each round
Note: there is no starting percentage for this, holding on to the bar through all 3 lifts is key
5.) SPUC
Wide Grip Strict Pull-ups
Narrow Grip Strict Pull-ups
Strict Chin-ups
6.) 50 alternating Dumbbell 1 Arm Plank Row (demo)

Unequipped At Home
1.) Accumulate 150 Jump Squats
Every minute on the minute you must complete 10 Situps before starting jump squats. 
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Theresa Rosenquist9h

😃😍👊 Gym looks great!!

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