2018 CrossFit Online Regional Qualifier #4 & #1

Sunday Apr 22 2018

Alright, here's the last two Age Group Online Qualifier WODs that we have for the weekend. 
Some of our athletes have already tested these two workouts, but like a lot of dedicated athletes, they want to try them again to beat their scores. Let's push hard and give them some motivation to help them dig deep and get those extra reps!
1.) Complete as many rounds as possible in 5 minutes of:
9 handstand push-ups
6 burpees
3 snatches
Men snatch 165 lb./Women snatch 115 lb.
2.) For time:
4 thrusters
1 15-ft. rope ascent
8 thrusters
2 15-ft. rope ascents
12 thrusters
3 15-ft. rope ascents
Men use 135 lb./Women use 95 lb.
Time cap: 10 minutes
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3rds HSPS, 3:40 RC wkout
Brenton... well 1/2 of it anyways
Strength work at home. Mobility. Enjoyed the weather 😁