Mobility Before the Storm

Thursday Feb 23 2017

The 2017 CrossFit Games Open begins tonight at 7 bells. We will watch the open announcement at 7 and then anyone that wants to take on Open Workout 17.1 first in the world we will be getting it on after the announcement! If you have not signed up yet and are planning to participate please get it done now. We had a few people wait until the last minute last year and good things did not happen. Click the link to get registered. Friday will be Open Workout all day and then Sunday at high noon for any retesters. Time to see if my programming works or if I need to find another day job!
Happy Open Everyone!!!
1.) Mobility Before the Storm
3 rounds (6 minute cap)
3 Muscle Ups
6 Dumbbell Step Ups 50/35lb, alternating legs 24/20"
9 Dumbbell Push Press 50/35lb
15 minute shoulder mobility pec/trap/lats/thoracic
3 rounds (6 minute cap)
3 Bar Muscle Ups
6 Dumbbell Overhead Lunge 50/35lb, alternating legs
9 Dumbbell Front Squat 50/35lb
15 minute leg mobility quad/calf/hamstring/glute
6 minute AMRAP
7 Burpees to 6" target
15 Abmat Situps
More mobility and then some more!

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Rick Froming 7h

Well folks it's here. The ultimate test of all the hard work you've put in. The Open. No matter what comes up tonight and the next 5 weeks just give it your all, and remember:

I like to think we all have a little Rick in all our hearts.


Kate Mantz6h

If you are a complete CF noob, aren't competitive etc and won't be qualifying for anything at all... Is it worth signing up for The Open?


Antonia Shanle6h

Absolutely! You will push yourself harder than you ever had and you'll finish each workout with a great sense of pride knowing you put in all that damn work to feel like death after! 😜

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Sam Scherwinski5h

Yes!! Basically the whole gym is going to be doing it for the next 5 weeks and everyone has a great time talking and dying together :)

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Amy Zynda4h

It's fun, and being registered changes the intensity. The first time I did it I was dubious, but I felt it was worth my $20...and it always pushes you to try something new. Take it from one of the least competitive people in the box.

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Chris Ness5h

I messaged Crossfit HQ the same question and they wrote me back.

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Chris Ness4h

cln32@crossfitgames what is the actual benefit of doing the open if your going to have to do RX and scaled? You can't qualify for anything. You will be doing the workouts at the box anyway.
crossfitgames@cln32 it's a challenge. There are some athletes that push just a little bit harder when they are officially in a competition. They have options that allow them to do their best

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