Day 6

Sunday Mar 29 2020

How are the home workouts going? Personally I am enjoying them, it's pretty cool to go back to my roots of CrossFit. Back in the spring of 2010 I built my own pull-up bars and used whatever equipment I had available to me, luckily though I was quite the meathead prior to starting so I had a bunch of dumbbells but was lacking those super cool rubber plates. Anyways, there is something refreshing in turning some music up and grinding it out by your lonesome. When the gym opens back up and we're all able to workout together again I highly recommend getting back to the roots of CrossFit and get it on in that garage of yours once in a while, it's good for the soul.
Have a soulful Sunday.

Workout & Warmup Description
1.) 5 rounds
38 Double Unders (76 Singles or 38 Penguin Jumps)
28 Single Arm alternating Dumbbell Deadlift
18 Single Arm Dumbbell Shoulder to Overhead (9 each arm)
*2.) 10 minute EMOM
Odd: 30 second Overhead Hold @ 65% 1RM Strict Press
Even: 5 Strict Press @ 65%
Note: start the 30 second hold at the 30 second mark of the odd minute then go right in to the 5 strict press
*3.) 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1
Strict Pull-ups
Strict Ring Dips
*4.) 5 rounds
10 Bent Over Supinated Grip Barbell Row 115/85lb (10 each arm if using a dumbbell or kettlebell)
15 Supermans

At Home (no equipment)
1.) 12 min AMRAP
10 Tuck Jumps
6 Ninja Roll Ups (Rx+ Ninja Pistol Roll Ups)
2.) 3 min Glute Smash, Per Side
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Nick Fonti11d

Agreed 100%


Tina Schmidt11d

You guys had so much fun the day you made those slosh pipes!

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Ryan Froelich11d

Thanks for the explanation, Tina. I had no idea what I was looking at! Haha.

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Grant Soletski10d

They were definitely something

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Brittany Nohr10d

Do we still have these?

Thumb gaunt1

Grant Soletski10d

I’m pretty sure they’re outside by the tires

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Troy Foley9d

Those things are stupid.

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4 mi walk & 11:18 w/ 15# db
Day 3 Wod 22:04 w/ 35# db
Single arm bent over row+1 min oh hold ec, 10 min emom odd 10 v up even 12 hollow rocks
13:57 (60#)
Garage WOD
Every 1 min for 30 mins, alternating between: 10 Single Arm Kettlebell Overhead Squats, 35 lbs 15 AbMat Sit-ups 15 Kettlebell Swings, 55 lbs
13:35 @ 50#
EC #2 @ 85#. // also some ab stuff
17:39. SU, 30lb db s2o, 35lb kb dl
At home WOD
Buy in 30 TTB. Into 3 rounds. 400m/10DL 185#. Buy out 30 TTB. 5min SHSPU. More fails than success. 🤷🏼‍♀️ + Mobility.
HBBS: Worked up to 315# then 5x5 @ 275#
Strict Press: Worked up to 155# then 5x3 @ 145# / EMOM10: 10 T2B wearing a 5# ankle weight on each leg.
Basement wod 38:37
5 Rds (5 strict pu, 10 dl @ 135#, 1000m ski erg, 30 step ups w/ 30# dbs)
**DU=SUx3/#20 DB (shldr ecc. 😳);50 GHSU; 3x {60” wallsit/10 evilwheels; 75 Burpees/4’ high plank/10 push-ups - 13:32.