Day 1

Tuesday Mar 24 2020

As of today CrossFit Green Bay is closed until further notice. I am not sure about the time frame for the stay at home order for today so I will be at the gym all day today for any of you that didn't get a chance to nab a piece of equipment that want one. Just stop in, the doors will be open as of 9:00am. I truly am sorry to have to close the doors but it is what it is. We will continue to have workouts posted every day.  Stay tuned to this website daily for any updates on the current situation. I'm going to repost the blog from yesterday in case you didn't see it below:

Hello CFGB community,

Today I write this message with just a touch of sadness. Last week we were faced with the challenge of minimizing our group sizes within the gym to follow the recommendations of our state officials.  I was proud of our adaptations and thought it was successful.  However, as of today, the Governor has banned all non essential businesses from operating until further notice. After classes tonight, we will close our doors until we are given the go ahead to reopen. 

As we have done every day since we’ve opened our doors, we will continue to post workouts for members and the community alike. The programming will look a little different though. There will be 2 pieces for people with equipped home gyms, two pieces for people without equipment at home and a core/back accessory for everyone.

We will continue to provide this and would appreciate your continued financial support, but understand if you need to pause your membership. Financially this may be the toughest challenge of our times, but I believe we will make it out on the other side of this.  Your dues would be considered compensation for daily digital content.  In addition, you can ‘rent/borrow’ a piece of equipment to utilize at home during this time.  Equipment available will be a choice of one of the following (depending on availability): a dumbell, a kettlebell or a bumper plate.  If you are interested in taking one home for this time period, show up to the gym anytime today or until SaferAtHome begins and we will take a picture of you with the equipment you rent/borrow to keep track of what everyone has.

We want to thank everyone for their continued support of our gym as we continue to invest in you.  Please continue to follow for website updates as we move forward. 
Thank you!

1.) 100 Alternating Dumbbell Thrusters 50/35lb
note: sub with a kettlebell, small pet, a planter or anything you can lift with one hand
*2.) 7 minute AMRAP 
Alternating Arm Turkish Get Up 50/35lb
note: if you are not good or inexperienced with Turkish getups use your shoe, precision of movement is key
Non equipped
1.) 100 Jumping Squats to target approx. 6" above reach
note: every time you rest add 3 more jumping squats to the set
*2.) 7 minute AMRAP 
Shoe Turkish Get Up
note: put your shoe on your knuckles of your up arm, if the shoe falls off before you get back to the floor you must restart the rep
1.) 50 Supermans with a 3 second hold
note: lay flat on the ground with your ankles together and arms spread out in front of you and lift your toes and arms as high off the ground as possible, hold for 3 second and back to the ground

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Angel Anderson16d

We love you guys! Let the Anderson family know if you need anything!!! ♥️ We’ll get through this together!

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Theresa Rosenquist16d

Love ya Grant & Betsy!! Hang tough!! 😷🧼🚰🙌🧴🧻😷

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Chris Ness16d

I will take the 2pm class, I mean I will clean at 2 pm

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11:58 @50lbs switching hands in the air took a little to get the hang of.
Non equipment workout and suoerwomen hold 3 “
4:36 rx...yikes
110 daily burpees. Superman holds done
15 min -100 Thrusters and 100 (plus 9 extra) jump squats RX
10 Turkish getups each arm 50 V-ups
Garage WOD.
5 Rounds: 3 Wall-Walks 6 Inverted Burpees 9 Alt. Jumping Lunges 6:43. 12 EMOM - 2 Turkish Get-ups (35lbs). Woof.
25#. 50 Superman’s done.
30# // Turkish getups // core work
35# / Supermans & Turkish get ups
Via zoom. That was fun. Being w ppl part. The thrusters ... not as much. 🤣🤣
Physics 2 Homework / 100 Alternating Dumbbell Thrusters complete on 4-1-20 in 5:37 with a 60# dumbbell.
3/23 - Rice n’ Beans**
1R + 35 SU/DU **200SU-DU combo/#20 DBs/BK-HRPU/#35 GobSq, 30 min bike, & 11 TGU @#26 (KBSn-Rev.TGU).
One Punch Man Continued
1.5 mile run then 100 hand-release pushups 100 toes to J-Cup 100 goblet squats w/ 50lb DB
3:24 @ 35#