1000 Mile

Saturday Mar 21 2020

So, I was going to have a big post on the weight lifting program we are starting for the next 13 weeks but you’ll have to wait until next week when it will be 12 weeks and if we’re still in the same holding pattern with this Covid-19 thing it’ll go to the next week, which will make it an 11 week program. Either way, whenever the buckets we start it, it’ll be ending at the Badger State Games June 20th. So, if we’re not all dead by then save the date! 4 classes today, same thing, sign up for your preferred time slot and please Bruce stop posting for Smokey, he doesn’t count towards our cap. Obviously no community WOD today but we do have 4 time slots like I said to get your fitness in if you do so choose. Another thing, as we are dealing with this virus thing please let’s talk about something else while you are here. No matter if we like it or not, let’s use this hour and a half to enjoy the socially spaced company of one another and the fact that we can fitness the f out of every day we’re not 6 feet under. 
Have a great damn Saturday!

1.) 1000 Mile
30 minute AMRAP
Run 1 mile
Row 2000m
Assault Bike 50 cal
Note: Keep heart rate down and just keep nice and steady movement
*2.) 3 Back Squat @ 75% every 2 minutes for 12 minutes
*3.) for time:
15 Strict Press 95/65lb
40’ Overhead Walk 95/65lb
10 Push Press 135/95lb
40’ Overhead Walk 135/95lb
5 Push Jerk 185/125lb
40’ Overhead Walk 185/125lb
*4.) 10 rounds
5 Strict Hanging L-ups
10 Hollow Rocks

At Home
1.) 3 Rounds
:30 Max Effort for each movement:
- High Knees
- Butt Kicks
- Alt. Lunges in Place
2.) Every 1:30 for 5 rounds
5 Inch Worms (no pushup)
:30 Plank

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Thumb gaunt1

Grant Soletski19d


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Erin B.19d

Dan Smith and I - 6:00-7:30.

Thumb gaunt1

Grant Soletski19d



Jamie Henrickson19d

Jamie and Dusty

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Karl Bonkoski19d

Michelle and Karl


Ian Wilson19d

Ian Wilson


Michael Hartmann19d


Thumb gaunt1

Grant Soletski19d



Nick Fonti19d



Scott Adler19d


Thumb img 1675

Tom Fameree19d

This old man

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Megan Vogel19d

I think Laura and Pauly are not coming anymore so I’m gonna hop into this spot.

Thumb 1469

Pauly VanderKelen19d

Laura and Pauly need a rest day, so 2 spots are now open. We’re bummed we can’t attend.

Thumb gaunt1

Grant Soletski19d

10:30am-High Noon


Toni Wilson19d

Toni Wilson


Nolan Wilson19d

Nolan Wilson

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Angel Anderson19d

Pete and angel


Ashley Kutz19d

Me and Austin

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Sylvia Christensen19d

Seev. Switching to later😬

Thumb 96f18024 a0d3 479f 8bad 26b95d46a219

Derek Zehms19d

If there is room — Just Maria, not Derek

Thumb 93321576 be79 4de3 a720 158cb9021487

Megan Vogel19d

If anyone at the 10:30 slot decides they aren’t going last minute - let me know. I’ll swing into this slot. No worries if not - I’ll workout from home today.

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Chris Ness19d

You can have my 10:30

Thumb 93321576 be79 4de3 a720 158cb9021487

Megan Vogel19d

Or the 9am slot for that matter. Either works for me. But again no worries if not.

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1rd +23cals on the ski erg
800m for the run, ski erg instead of 2nd run. BS @125#
Did thurs wod w/ regular sit ups instead of ghd and 35# db 8:50. 100 daily burpees. Tempo goblet squat work
1 + 850 meters
OH extra credit
1+1400m run 🥶
BS: #215
1 + 900 meters. Woof.
Back Squat: 190.
Rowing 2nd round
Surprisingly faster than Dusty Surprisingly slower than Hartman
Home WOD
1.) 25 min AMRAP (10 air squats / 50 dubs, 20as/50 dubs, 30 ... etc) 2.) 50 burpees buy in/out, 21-15-9 pu, as, lunges x2 3.) GOWOD mobility
20 mile run! 3:13
Last long training run for my canceled marathon.😝
1 + 1 mile
31:30 when i got back in. Bs @ 205. Can’t believe I’m saying this - but it was perfect weather to run and enjoyable to be outside running. #WhoDis?
1+ 842m row.
Much-needed Rest Day
Bs 165#
1 + 1 mile (30:02)
HomeWOD (did 1000mi Sun.)
🥰 love y’all!! Jennifer; posted on yesterday’s WB. 3/20: 30min spin🥱 & 4x{30 #25 AMSU & 20 Hip Circle Abd. & mile walk 🥶