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Thursday Mar 19 2020

Day 1 of the Corona induced class size restriction went well and on to day 2. The hour and a half gives you plenty of time for a warmup, the WOD a piece of extra credit and then some RomWod if you so wish. Please sign up below for the time slot and just keep it to your names and not your dog. Also, the nights I clean the gym I will leave the weightlifting area open for anyone that wants to lift, platform area only from 8pm-9:30pm. There will be room for 7 at that time. 
For your information I found a great tracker of the Corona Virus if you are interested in seeing the progress of this thing.
Have a panic free Thursday!
1.) The Wire
3 rounds
50 Double Unders
30 Alternating Dumbbell Hang Power Clean & Jerk 50/35lb
20 GHD Sit-ups
*2.) 1-1-1-1-1 Push Jerk, establish session 1RM
note: rest as needed
*3.) 40โ€™ Sled Push 45/25lb
40โ€™ Sled Pull 90/45lb
Note: Use rig to support feet when pulling
*4.) 20 minute EMOM 1 Clean & Jerk @70%
*5.) 3 rounds
10 Bent-over Dumbbell Row, heavy  (10 each arm)
15 Reverse Hyper

At Home
1.) 17 min AMRAP
8 Alt. Pistol Squats (single leg squat to your couch/chair)
8 Ninja Roll Ups
8 Handstand Pushups (donโ€™t kick through your drywall, or put your knees on the couch and pike into handstand pushup position)
25 Jumping Jacks
2.) 3 Rounds
:30 Scorpion Stretch, per side
:30 Spider-Man Stretch, per side

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Thumb gaunt1

Grant Soletski21d



Ian Wilson21d

Ian 5-6:30


Holly Soletski21d

Paula and Holly


Michelle Bonkoski21d

Michelle Bonkoski


Kelsey Schwerin21d

Kelsey schwerin


Carrie Schatzman21d

Carrie Schatzman

Thumb gaunt1

Grant Soletski21d



Dusty Neubauer21d

Jamie and Dusty

Thumb 30ea89c7 d610 4433 80ac e661a3ce0eda

Tim Houge21d

Tim and I wonโ€™t be 20 minutes late this time. Only like 10 or so

Thumb 2019 08 01 23.07.35

Erin B.21d

Dan Smith and I are in for 6:30-8. ๐Ÿ‘

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Grant Soletski21d


Thumb img 7828

Brad Rush21d

Brad Rush aka fatty


Toni Wilson21d

Toni Wilson

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Karl Bonkoski21d

Karl Bonkoski

Thumb 93321576 be79 4de3 a720 158cb9021487

Megan Vogel21d

Megan Vogel


Justin Bruehl21d

This guy


Grace Adler21d

Grace adler

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Ryan Froelich21d

Ryan Froelich


Michael Hartmann21d


Thumb gaunt1

Grant Soletski21d



Todd Rocheleau21d

Todd Rocheleau


Alex Ebert21d

Alex Ebert

Thumb bitmoji 20190820075618

Brian Fieldhouse21d


Thumb gaunt1

Grant Soletski21d


Thumb gaunt1

Grant Soletski21d


Thumb gaunt1

Grant Soletski21d


Thumb b7ca685f 305e 42ca a1ba 3a2b5c4ada22

Justin Peterson21d

Lois Schumacher

Thumb gaunt1

Grant Soletski21d


Thumb b2865252 a0ad 45b6 ba2f c0c78e619220

Angel Anderson21d

Pete and Angel


Jennifer Gleason20d


Thumb b7ca685f 305e 42ca a1ba 3a2b5c4ada22

Justin Peterson20d

John and Becky Jenkins

Thumb gaunt1

Grant Soletski21d


Thumb image

Laura VanderKelen 21d

Pauly & Laura


Nick Fonti21d


Thumb 89e99ac9 ed2e 49f5 8714 848ed356a92c

Sylvia Christensen21d

James Mueller (he forgot his PW so I am speaking on his behalf lol)

Thumb 52b42319 b77e 4e0a a2d9 26a9a1c69939

Sarah Anderson21d

Sarah Anderson

Thumb 96f18024 a0d3 479f 8bad 26b95d46a219

Derek Zehms20d

Derek & Maria

Thumb gaunt1

Grant Soletski21d


Thumb 20160712 145051 1

Jennifer McFall21d


Thumb gaunt1

Grant Soletski21d

Me and Bets โœŒ๐Ÿผ

Thumb gaunt1

Grant Soletski20d

Barb and Jayme Kaiser!!

Thumb gaunt1

Grant Soletski21d

8pm-9:30pm (WL only)


Donn Johnson120d

Father, son & daughter

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10:29 RX
Hit at least 35 unbroken DU all 3 rounds! Hell yeah ๐Ÿค˜
Faster than Ian
All the romwod.
5rd bc 3rd was clearly not enough
Sub weighted sit-ups for GHD (50ct)
30# DB. EC: 10 bent row 35#(2) 45#(2), 10 reverse hyper on ghd, 10 hip ext, 4 rounds
Faster than Dusty
10:20 SU, 25lb DB, abd SU
Wholly post wod lactic acid. Quads cried a little
Sled push/pull x 5 rounds. Glute ham/row.
Snatch: 95,115,135,155,175,185,195,200, failed @ 205#
2 rounds of 10 315# DL, 20 5.5" deficit HSPUs, 30 95# Front Squats from 3-15-20 complete in 10:33 / "The Wire" complete in 9:08.
ALL the Crossfitty things at home
3x{DKB step ups(#18)/L-sits/Gob Sq(#26)/HSH/GHHE/neg. Pull-ups. ->> 4x{150 SU/100 ft. SB carry (#65)/8T2B.
Slower than Ian and dusty combined
C&J at 175