Battle Buddy

Tuesday Mar 10 2020

"I don't want to think!" The comment that is usually said as soon as a cue is given, followed by failure to execute said cue. I hate to tell you all this, but this gym is all about thinking and without it you are setting the bar very low for yourself. Could you imagine if from a young age we are taught to think about what we are putting in to our bodys' as well as how our bodys' are moving? Obesity, bad knees, type 2 diabetes, bad backs could all be things that may not even be things any more: crazy to think about. 
Our brains are supported by our bodys' just as our bodys' are supported and operated through the use of our brain: so why would we only think when we train our brain? Please think and think often about your movement and teach our children now that they should do the same. Because, how nice of a world would it be if we could undo all the things that were brought to us because we just didn't know it was perfectly avoidable through plain old thinking.
Yo Tuesday!
1.) Battle Buddy
With a partner for time, one works one rests alternating
10 rounds 
10 cal Assault Bike
10 rounds 
10 cal Row
10 rounds
100m Run (door to door) 
2.) Every 2 minutes for 12 minutes 3 Push Press @ 75%
*3.) EMOM for 20 minutes 1 Clean & Jerk @ 70%
*4.) 7 minute AMRAP
100m Run
5 Burpees
1 Legless Rope Climb
*5.) 20 minute AMRAP
10 One legged KB Deadlift each leg 32/16lb 
10 Back Extension
10 Hip Extension
10 Supinated Grip Bent Over Row 95/65lb
note: 4- 5 rounds is the goal
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Theresa Rosenquist29d

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14:04 with Timm
125 push press.
Team of one
135# push press. Showered.
12:43 w/Tr(one arm)oy #yikes
16:58 w/ Erin
130# PP, EC: deadlift
18:12 with john
145# push press
16:58 with Danno. PP: 105 .
Don't put me down for cardio.
15:45 or 16:45 with RD Kelsey 145 with CFGB eric
13:52 with Laura V.
195lb Push Press
19 mile run
3:04 The sun was nice but that was flipping hard.😩
13:52 with Yustine
105# PP
19:54 with Michelle!
115# Push Press
Studied for Physics 2 - Exam 1
With Hollie 😊
17:02 with 1 arm Adam
PP 110#
16:53 with Ryan
135# PP
20:00 w/ Kod!
Thanks for being my partner Kod!!πŸ‘Š Only sub’d the SkiErg for run.πŸ˜ƒ PP@#70 πŸ€Έβ€β™‚οΈ! Walked 3.25 mi.
16:24 with Brennan
165 push press
12:43 with Co(dad)dy