Thursday Mar 5 2020

Time is constant and never stops, good times or bad it continues to tick tock away at the same pace. An argument, a workout, a life changing event, tick tock. We cannot stop time, rush time or bring back time, the moment though is all ours. Take control of those moments and do what you need to do to make that moment count. 
Have a nice Thursday.
1.) Jackie 
1000m Row
50 Thrusters 45lb
30 Pull-ups
2.) RomWod 
*3.) Snatch Balance 3-3-3-3-3
Note: add load each round and really practice bringing that bar back down to your rear rack position while warming up
*4.) 9-7-5
Power Clean & Jerk 135/95lb
Bar Muscle Up
*5.) 3 rounds
15 Reverse Hyper
15 Supinated Grip Bent over Barbell Row 115/85lb
Note: squeeze butt on top of reverse hyper, pause 1-2 seconds on top of each rep of the row

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Legs needed a big ol' rest day.
Justin no repped me like 6.9 times. First time doing this, so....pr!
35# bar
10:45 RX except band pullup
9:50.....1:10 slower than last time
:40ish pr. Need to pain cave the end of row+ thrusters a lot more
Snatch bal. core EC.
7:15 fun
5:59 (47 second PR! from 1-20-16)
Row complete in ~3:15 / Thrusters UB focusing on a big leg drive to save my arms for the pull-ups / Wanted UB pull-ups, but ended up with 28-2 because my grip failed :/ *3.) Snatch balance triples complete @ 135,165,185,205,215# / Practiced T2B+BMU complex. No legit reps but several reps with an extra kip swing / Practiced free-standing HSPU starting with a handstand rather than a headstand. Completed 5 singles.
Nice 2 mile warm up run 😎
First time Jackie 💪🏼
5 sec PR