Tuesday Mar 3 2020

I know sometimes I write a little bit much and you don't really want to read it but it will help you navigate CFGB so much easier if you just took a minute to do so. Today is a great example of pretty significant info being put out. The workout is Locomotive and it was designed for our athletes to lift heavy and even set some PR's without really even knowing they are doing it but if there is any anxiety during it the workout that locomotive is now a train wreck. Get to the white board at the start of class and be ready to move right in to task 1 which is a warm up. Don't move the rowers today, that little walk between your bar and the rower is very important to the workout. One last item is extra credit and where to do it. The back quadrant by the short rig is where to do it. Once class is done please move over there. We really appreciate it all! 
Now let's have some fun, move some weight and ring that bell a few times.
Hello Tuesday!
1.) 15 minute AMRAP
5 Snatch 45/35lb
20 Walking Lunges
5 Box Jump (you pick height)
20 Hollow Rocks
5 Clean & Jerk, 45/35lb
note: begin with a pvc and high jumps if needed working into a barbell and box as you get warmed up
2.) Locomotive 
20 minute AMRAP 
10 cal Row 
2 Box Jumps 36/30" 
1 Snatch 
20 minute AMRAP 
10 cal Row 
2 Box Jumps 36/30" 
1 Clean & Jerk 
note: Record heaviest load. 
3.) 5 rounds
3 Push Press @ 80%
10m Yoke Carry 45/15
10m Sandbag Carry 150/100lb
4.) 5 rounds 
3 Wide Grip Pull-ups
5 GH Raise
7 Reverse Hyper

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100# snatch 125# C&J
160 calories. No PRs, but for not lifting for 6 months, I’ll take it
240# (heaviest in a while time and it felt AWESOME) 305# C&J. 315# Clean. No PRs, but a great day all things considered.
157 snatch 192 c&j
Both 2# prs 😊
Did power snatch and power clean and jerk doubles.
180# (3# snatch pr)! 🤘
155# snatch/190# (power) C&J
95# power snatch with OHS, 135# clean + push jerk (more like a press)
8+7 cal (snatch), 7 rounds (clean)
150# snatch (3#pr), 195# C&J
SN 95>145. / / C&J 135 > 195
100 snatch, failed 105. 130 c&j, failed 135
140 cals
110# snatch (3# all time PR). 140# C/J
Snatch=P.r. from the floor+no straps C&j=P.r. Pretty decent day😆😎
240lb Snatch, 290lb Clean&Jerk
Both 10lbs under my current PRs. Missed both PR attempts at 2lbs over.
No PRs but felt good!
125 snatch/155 c&j
Mobility then a sauna
30# snatch. 65# C&J
125# Snatch / 165# C&J
200# snatch 250# c&j(5#pr)
Physics 2 Homework / Sauna heater installation.
210 Snatch / 255 CJ
Snatch 155, pr, C&J 215 jerk pr
120# snatch (3#pr), 160# c&j (5#pr)
135 snatch/165 clean
5x4 weighted Pu (12#), then 4x4 (15#). 4 rounds: 20 GHDS, 20 HR
#70 PSnatch 🤩 #85 PCln&Jk
(1st honest attempts @ these in nearly 18 mo!🥳🥳 I’ll take it!) -> 10x{40s W/20s R on AB = 80 cals.
185/235, 240 Clean
Fucking love Locomotive
175, 225 clean
5# pr for the snatch and for the clean. No jerk pr
Fun! 245# clean