Saturday Dec 7 2019

5 Rounds
60ft Bear Crawl
10 Ninja Pistol Roll Ups 
20ft Forward Rolls
2.) 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1
Front Squat 135/95lb
-10/7 Cal Row after each round, including the round of 1 rep
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Timm Uhlmann8d

This looks like it's gonna be dangerous at 9:15 am. 30 people trying to bear crawl and forward roll in the same space?

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Justin Peterson7d

Battle royale

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Justin Peterson6d

I want a video of this massacre

Thumb wodmother1

Theresa Rosenquist6d

🤢 #somuchrolling

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115# HPC. Skipped the mayhem, did rower, 25#MB sits, hip ext. for 10:00.
12:45 RX (reset rower every round)
8 min on the jungle workout
Did Friday at home. Looked fun but wasn’t.
2.) 10:29 / 12-6-19 workout complete in 9:20 / Strict Chin-ups: 10-9-8
CFDL & Bike at W&Sp
Stuff at CFDL then 90 min bike at W&Sp: ~ 19.5 mi