Harry Potter

Tuesday Oct 1 2019

Today sweatshirt orders close. Samples are on the front desk. All orders can be placed in the online store. 
1.) 6 min Calf/Achilles Smash - 3 min per side
2.) Run 600m
15 Power Snatches 155/105lb
Run 400m
30 Toes to Bar
Run 200m
45ft Handstand Walk
2 Rounds
*3.) 30 Pullups for time
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Yesterday’s WOD. 7 rounds
21:22(135ps) hs holds for hsw
Isolated bi/triceps; 3x10 alternating barbell lunges 135; 30 pull-ups- :27seconds
25:30 (135# PS)
31:15 RX
Slow runner... handstands are better though ♋️ 30 pull-ups for time- lightning speed
25:31 115# PS
10ft hsw @cap🤮🤢
75# power snatch, hand stand shift against wall
Finished 2nd set of snatches at cap. @ 115#
27:04 115# and mods
70# snatch and t2b/hsw mods
finished after cap
RX for the first 20 minutes and then dropped weight for rest of it
29:21 RX
Bum knee got better throughout the WOD. Makes me think it might just be ok.... 🤞🏻
Harry Potter complete on 10-6-19 in 24:12 & 30 pull-ups in 34 seconds.
30:50 row, #45 snatch, pullups with band
20 min handi wod
Row for run K2C for T2B and attempt to shoulder tap for HSW
34:56 snatches @ 135#
“ One can never have enough socks.” - Albus Dumbledore
Toes to 90, wall walk to 45 sec hold. Also dropped the snatches to 125 after foot slip stupid rain.
Happy October! 🎃
**Row=Run/#35 PSn/2:00 HSH. PEC: 35 min spin/45 GHHE(#25)/45 GHSU/75 AMSU (#25)..
23:11 RX-
Did the percentage but not the weight. Snatches at 125#