Gilderoy Lockhart

Tuesday Aug 20 2019

1.) 3 Position Banded Shoulder Stretch
2.) Accumulate:
30 Strict Pullups
30 Hang Clean & Jerk (squat or power) 135/95lb
-Start on either movement
-Any time you break on a movement (come off the rig/set the bar down, even when completing the total amount) Row 10 calories
-This would mean the minimum an athlete could row would be 20 calories if they did both movements unbroken. 
*3.)Every 2 min for 6 Rounds
4 Front Squat @ 80% 1RM (does not have to be unbroken, just completed in 2 min)
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1 miles run with emma
Stupid pull ups.
15:37 (banded pull-ups, 85# clean and jerk)—80 cal
4x600-800m run w/7:15 crew 🐰🐰🐰
16:18 70 cal rowed
12:58 and 70 cals @ 115#
pull up sets: 12,7,6,5. C&J sets: 10,11,9
10:42 / 60 Cals
FS@ 245
12:08. At 95# and purple band
50 cals 22,8 pus 8,12,10 hpc/jerk
8:15, 50 cals total
Pull-up sets: 19, 11. C&J sets: 12, 10, 8
1st-C&j unbroken 2nd-Strict pull ups (12,10,7,1) 50 cals
i forgot... but i did 70 cals fo sho
70 cals. Black band pull ups (10,5,6,5,4). 85# CJ. FS EC. Rumble WOD 2.
7:15 fun ......not we ran
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Banded Pullups after first 5. 135# cleans. 2 left and 10 cals left at the buzzer
95# 20 PU w/black band 10 PU w/black AND red bands 80 cals
😴 my legs are finally sore. #DOMS