Tuesday Aug 6 2019

1.) 6 min Lacrosse Ball Shoulder Smash - 3 min per side
2.) 8 Rounds
10 Abmat Situps with Medball 20/14lb
6 Kettlebell Swings 70/53lb
3 Bar Muscle Ups
*3.)Every 2 min for 5 Rounds
6 Front Squat @ 70% 1RM (does not have to be unbroken, just completed in 2 min)
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Timm Uhlmann71d

I think this is my favorite wod for the upcoming week

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Bruce Hoffort69d

Love it. What’s the catch?

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Ab work/parallett push-ups
5 min EMOM from yesterday 135# FS
FS 175#
14:02 (BMU practice w/bands)
22:38 or something on “monkey business”; other fun w/7:15 crew
13 rounds - treated as 20min amrap since so many mods
Abmat sit up, 26#KB, box BMU. Unhappy back.
(Banded BMU and 35 kB)
12ish (BMU from 24’box w plate)
Monkey Business & Gymnastic work at 7:15
125# FS
185 front squat
All movements UB / EMOM5 from yesterday complete.
2:26.04, High Cliff Hill x2 then Mobility!